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  1. I hate losing to the axis, period end of story.
  2. When are you guys going to fix the stats, my total kills and the campaign breakdown by unit does not match?
  3. For some reason, on a sporatic basis, I'm not getting credit for kills on my British missions. Is this the place to post this type of issue? Thanks.
  4. The back end of that Tiger looks awesome, great work.
  5. Can you add a custome avatar to the forums?
  6. Last night I took a Sherman 76 from Neufact to Reims and along the way took a constant friendly fire on several occasions. The freindly fire lasted about 10 hits in a row each time. Probably happened 5 times during the mission. I would wait and it would stop and then continue on (I was having to good of a mission and had driven too far to quit). Also, cthl'd twice last night after putting in the new patch, didn't have this problem before. Finally, I cannot get my joystick to work right on the vickers. I have a Saitek X-52 that works fine on every vehicle except the Vickers. What's up with that? Thanks.
  7. My x52 used to work fine with this game and then my harddrive crashed and I had to reload the game. Now some portions of my x52 work with the game and some do not. I have tested my joysticks and they work perfectly fine with everything else. Help!
  8. I have a Dell XPS Pentium 4 with an ATI Radeon X800 XT video driver. The problem is that my game is dark and I can't seem to change it to make it lighter. I've tried changing settings for both the game and my video card (gamma etc) but nothing seems to change the game settings. Any ideas?
  9. See us online at http://www.1starmoreddiv.com/
  10. We are the all american group fighting for France. Come join us.
  11. The 1st AD is actively looking for quality tankers and grunts. We also like to fly on occasion. Check us out at: http://1starmoreddiv.forumsplace.com/ or chat at me if you see me in game.