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  1. I think Lure is on to something, definately. Although, you must have control of the entire sector before you can move flags into it. Signed!
  2. Must be some really cool methodology you employ to design/build/test the releases with when you can't make planned releases.
  3. POW - ZAP - We Come In Peace - BZZZZT - ZZOOORK
  4. I haven't had CTHL since the 1.23.5 patch. But then again, I havent bothered playing too much either. Just a heads-up.
  5. 1: Yes 2: A 3: Yes, I believe it started with 1.23 4: I have DSL 5: 5Mbits down and 700kbits up 6: Intel Dual 3.2GHz 7: No, it always come out of nowhere 8: Not really, I have had it CTHL about 50 times 9: Not to my knowledge 10: No 11: Only during weekends, and this upcoming monday. (since its a holiday here in Norway) 12: Yes, there is one thing that would make me very happy: Look into why it does not manage reconnecting me to the server. I have never, ever had it successfully reconnect to server after CTHL. I wish it would say: CTHL, Reconnecting... successful. (Instead of just a big stutter and then continue) At least then I would know I was close to getting CTHL. For me, the CTHL is every now and then, sometimes it lets me play 15 minutes, sometimes 3 hours. But still, it ruins a lot of the gameplay for me, because I dont know when I will lose my mission. Also, since I am a pretty new player, I dont have high rank as everyone else seems to do, so I am extra vulnerable when it comes to getting CTHL in airforce. I only have rank 1, and it seems every mission I have where I dont get shot down immediately or crash on takeoff, I get CTHL after flying around and even get a lucky kill. ----- So, any info on the matter as to how reconnect works/doesnt work or how I can verify that it does work would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Small update from me, I've had CTHL happen to me every hour or two for a long time, but yesterday was the first day in a long time, I managed to play with no CTHL. It might be a coincidence, but so far so good. I will report back in this thread on how it is going today. I was experiencing the 45 sec. freeze and still bulk-receive chat up until just as I got CTHL popup.
  7. Same here. One thing that might help on tracking down problem is: When I freeze up, I can't do anything. I tried to chat just now, and it didnt reach the chat (Not on my end at least) But, as soon as the freeze ends, and I get CTHL popup, I see that people have been chatting after I froze, so I have received text after the point that I started freezing. Someone even said in chat: Imhoteph, you are standing on the road, running, but not moving.
  8. As KFS1 said: The coders are resting up tonight for an all out assault on the problem tomorrow. We'll try and keep you posted on progress and any kind of schedule we develop. ----- This was three days ago, 10% of my monthly payment to you guys. The game has been utter **** to play lately, not even worth my time, MUCH LESS my money. Seriously, get your act together.