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  1. Wish I would have checked here in the forums for my no sound issue 2 weeks ago . LOL New system brand new install of Win7 and had no idea why no sound . The link for the Direct X worked and I am finally back in business . SMG
  2. Campaign 95 Most Valuable squad !
  3. RGR that Xoom if I see him I will pass the info on . From the way he talked it sounded like he thought he had only signed up for a free account . Thanks Smg
  4. Had a free account player bigkjell stopped into the 91st TS room to ask for help . He has a free account and as of today he can not log into his account it says account not active . He said he had no problem playing on the same account last night . He is unable to log into the forums and post so I told him I would pass the info on so maybe someone can help him . Sorry I have no real other info other then his player name is bigkjell . Hope maybe this will be a easy fix or maybe by the time anyone from CRS reads this ( I am posting this at 4am eastern time ) he will be fixed. S! Smgman
  5. The 91st Sturmbattalion is looking for dedicated recruits who : Always fight with honor Don't complain, support the objective! Never forget Rank means Duty, responsibility, and leadership! Always Follow Orders! USE TS COMMUNICATIONS IT'S VITAL TO OUR SUCCESS!!! NEVER EVER EVEN THINK ABOUT CHEATING IN ANY WAY!!!! CHEATING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED !!! PLAY TO HAVE FUN !!! Join the 91st 91st Sturmbattalion
  6. If your like to : Play Axis Work together as a team Win and have fun join the 91st
  7. A bump to the top from the CO.
  8. Jammyman I agree a squad challenge using the RA server with one of the scenarios would be a great time but I don't see that anytime soon . Lexfire and Shadow we look forward to another challenge from your squads . We have had a blast over the last 3 years with the squad challenge . I hope you guys have enjoyed the battles as well . The squad challenge is like nothing else in the game the entire hr your on constant alert . The whole concept of only 1 life really changes the dynamic of the game . As for the Weasels fighting in the squad challenge I think all the other squads would feel kind of bad beating up on the brand new kids in the game . That would be like a Heavy weight boxing champ fighting a toddler . LOL Jammy you know how to stir that pot don't you. This year I hope no one drops out and we can get the rounds finished up in a much shorter period of time. S! SMG
  9. Well everyone good news I spoke with Sid49 and he found a bad ram chip removed the ram chip he is down to 4 gigs ram but now is running much better fps and smooth as can be . I don't agree you need a I7 to run this game I am running a AMD Phenom II x6 1045 processor with 8 gigs of DDR3 and a junk ATI HD 5570 and I run a average 30 fps+ in large city fighting and 40+ out of city and to be honest my other machine is a Phenom II X4 with 4 gigs of DDR3 and ran about the same . Hope everyone runs great and can find a fix for any problems just don't believe everything you read about needing a monster machine . 4 gigs are a must though .
  10. 1.34 is a awesome upgrade for the game but the server issues and other bugs that need to be worked out may have given the new and returning players the wrong idea about the normal game play we have . I Hope once the final growing pains of 1.34 are worked out another welcome back with a note about the unexpected tech problems are all worked out could bring large numbers back in the game . As a day one player I have no doubt once 1.34 is worked out and we are back running smooth as usual it will be very easy to get new and old players in the game . Hang tough CRS team The end reward will be well worth all the hard work .
  11. I love the update but the CTD problem is very frustrating . I have tried everything I can with no help . I seem to CTD about every 5-10 Min . Turned all setting down as low as I can and have turned everything I can off on my PC . Running a AMD Phenom II 6 Core with 8 gigs Ram and a ATI 5570 HD 1 Gig ram ISP is FIOS Fiber optic . I was able to run 2 accounts prior to the patch with no real problems now I can not run one account turned all the way down for more then 10 min . Not complaining just hope this issue can be fixed soon as I can not play like this .
  12. S! the 13th you guys put up a great fight . I hope you all had as much fun as we did through out the entire event . Look forward to SCIV. Thanks Jammy for you time with this event & thank you Barbed for the help in setting up the final round .
  13. 91st Sturmbattalion Welcomes New recruits or experienced players . SMG