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  1. Congrats Sinewave!
  2. What an incredible honor especially as a returning player, I've had so much fun this past month and I will keep it up. o7
  3. Meh, 10.6 crashes on my just like 10.5 did on retail. Back to 10.4 as i dont feel like reinstalling my OS
  4. I've noticed it to. Might just be me lagging. I get shot, game registers that kill, i turn around and i'm still able to kill him. Or i see someone, shoot at him, get the kill and he still kills me.
  5. Wouldnt suprise me if its a bad install, for some reason my installer crash when i try to install and i need to use the command line to install. Maby ill reinstall windows to fix it.
  6. Could be a driver problem. Dont believe its a memory problem, as all other games are working perfectly fine. Im gonna try some different drivers today. Edit: 10.4 drivers work apparently 10.5 drivers not(yet hopefully). Dont know why i didn't think of this earlier
  7. Small bump? I really wanna play live server as beta isn't always populated.
  8. 10 minutes using this:
  9. Hi, The beta launched and played perfectly fine for me, but when i try playing on the Campaign server my computer completely locks up and forces me to restart(music/skype sounds loop indicating system froze) I am using. AMD 940be @ 3.6 Ghz. 4GB OCZ RAM. 2x Ati Radeon 4770. Windows 7 Pro. It appears to crash when loading vehicles which takes a very long time, the bar goes to about 10% or less and then freezes.
  10. Running dual 4770 and a quad @ 3.0 Ghz 4GB of memory 20-40 FPS About same as Crysis on full power. Its not what i hoped for, but im glad i can actually play the game.
  11. The 4770 is about $90 i think. I have 2 of them running in Crossfire(SLI for nvidea) and have a great framerate and no crashes.
  12. Same problem for me.
  13. Running dual HD4770 with 9.6 No problems. Ill see what happens tonight after reading post above me.