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  1. Can someone tell me how best to set this ***** up in CCC for playing this game. I barely understand the 3D options and would like to know what I can/can't use. Much thanks.
  2. Here's a better pic of the flag issue i'm having. . . And here is an example of a font/text issue i'm having where when i restart the game or even on the first load sometimes I get a Text error where specific letters are missing. you'll notice down in the "career notes" section there are specific letters missing. This is a mild example, i've seen it where the majority of the alphabet was gone before. Anyone know what thats from?
  3. Here are 2 pics of issues i'm having. . . . the network error doesn't really do anything. All i have to do is hit the "OK" button and the game launches normally and plays normally. The flag graphic issue has been around longer. I have an ati4850 with updated drivers. I assume its some setting i'm using either in CCC or game settings thats screwing this up. I'm hoping someone knows which setting it is so I can fix it without "experimenting" Also if someone could tell me how to set up my CCC settings that would be super. Thanks in advance. Edit: Its kinda hard to see but the flag looks more like a Japanese rising sun flag then the german cross. Same pattern for the french and british flags but they are blue stripes.
  4. why am i getting no love?
  5. i'm getting this after about 10 minutes of playing in game. netcode2 is failing then i get this error + connection lost to host. Didn't have this problem before last patch. . .
  6. is the training server down for anyone else?
  7. im not sure if this has been asked but Antwerp AAA AI will be disabled right? I hardly find it fair if its not.
  8. I fly in section 4 as well
  9. Does anyone know anything about the "hotfix" drivers?
  10. awesome. . .thx
  11. I'm now having a problem with CCC and Gamma. I tried to raise my gamma for night time in CCC but when i alt tab back into WWIIOL the gamma reverts back to normal. No amount of hitting "apply", "ok" or alt tabbing changed the result. Any suggestions?
  12. BTW are those people running with 4850s using the latest ATI drivers or the ones that came with the card???
  13. BTW what is "post render filter" as seen in the game settings?
  14. can we still order shirts?