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  1. Well played that was a good defnce
  2. I should be titled founder
  3. Congrats well deserved
  4. Congrats
  5. Congrats
  6. Legends all of them
  7. Great awards its beats Star Wars
  8. That guy went Allied this campiagn with his multiple accounts.
  9. None of these are good points and none make any sense. he talks about going N or East when the direction of the Allied advance was NE anyway. he talks about getting in front of the N run around when the Axis are already behind you its not possible to be in front. he talks of little effect of RDP when we had already lost Frankfurt we were on 18hour timers and then it went to 24hrs with RDP Fact is - Yes its the biggest cut off and comeback ever. Axis have come back from Frankfurt and Koln before but never both. Yes its the biggest cut off ever - once before Allied entire army was cut off but not with so many towns white flagged.
  10. I think these CS vehicles might be useful if infantry riding on them were some how protected or immune from fire - like an armoured APC of doom, A lot of pictures i see of these CS tanks had infantry riding on them. Or they could be used as mobile artillery like big mortars which the howitzer was.
  11. I was pretty drunk when i posted too mate too much rum lol
  12. catfive is obsolete we gone digital now.
  13. A force of nature, like an autumnal breeze heralding the harsh winter of destruction when sinewave comes to town