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  1. So Allied capped Essen in TZ3 with no bridges up and no Axis online, the last 14 CPs were capped with no opposition. Please don`t ever complain about TZ3 again Allies. Hopefully this is the end they just need to softcap Koln now.
  2. Individual Greatness Can Uplift an Entire Team
  3. I actually wear my mothers crocs and watch war movies they are a nice canary yellow. Paint Your Wagon is one of my all time favourites ¬ ` I was booorn under a wandering star`
  5. 11000+ posts and his first two likes.
  6. It was Phillipville that sunk you Allies
  7. This shows Allies were over pop this campaign 53% to Axis 47%
  8. How the hell does someone make 11,736 posts and not get one like is what i want to know lol !
  9. i blame delems he killed the game off and matamor
  10. Axis took Schilde how do you feel Allies ! Now we can attack Antwerp I bet you are quaking in your boots. Go Axis TeaM Go next stop Zandvliet meh
  11. Name one good battle this campaign...
  12. So to summarise Axis have 278 towns to cap to win - Allies have 324 towns to cap to win. Good luck with that bros.
  13. lots of big names there
  14. I have to agree with sgthenning Allied HC do suck dish water and Axis HC are far superior. Factoid : allies always lose speaks for itself and the stats graph for population show allies consistently have greater campaign population. Face it CRS Allied HC lost the long war against Axis HC long ago and stealing our vets , nerfing the game , mass of Matty's , tz3 tweaks etc won't help them win. Axis squads, players and vets carry the Axis team and OKW always respect them. That's Axis culture. Allied culture is whine and die. Of course there are great players all over the Allied roster but their HC is lacking tactical nous and strategic ability imho.
  15. 3pzg runs TZ3 bring back your ANZACs Allied and give us a fight not a 6yeaaaaarzzzz whinefest again It`s Allied whining that feeds our rolls rofl. PROTIP: To defeat the Cyberdemon, shoot at it until it dies.
  16. ww1online
  17. To WWIonline.
  18. Congrats Delems
  19. Congrats redlegs sir
  20. Congratulations