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  1. Cut your willy in half first I dare ya ! that would be very reasonable.
  2. I also had a CTD problem like this a lot lately.
  3. Why are towns that Axis is capping becoming neutral. They are effectively blocked CRS so we cant move in or through them. Is it to give Allies a helpinh hand ? Poperinge was blocked which meant we couldnt attack Bergues and lost Dunkerque. Seclin was blocked so we couldnt use the airfield. Ardres was blocked so we couldnt attack Calais or advance down the coast. I`ve seen this once or twice before but it seems unfair. We know its not a bug because it only affects Axis caps.
  4. You are all noobs well done for achieving nublet status Level -3.
  5. I blame mattwitt ( and delems )
  6. Same here cant log into Axis at all
  7. CPs are always situated to the road direction to the next linked town and represent control of that road as a reinfircement route while Fbs are effectively checkpoints along that road controlled by one side or the other ¬ as in real warfare its all to do with the roads and logistics. Control the road you get supply and reinforcement - this is what the game simlates very well and always has uniquely done so. Really we are fighting always for the roads not the towns.
  8. Congrats Pott we`ve come a long way baby !! M3GA! 3pzg
  9. You will give up in the first week like the rest of us
  10. 88s need to be towed btw Allies keep the Matildas moving in towns contiuously so sappers cant fix HEAT charges and it has limitless MG ammo
  11. Does not seem to anymore which is a real shame as we could view the battles offline.
  12. Axis have already decided to let Allies win 7 in a row so only 4 to go have fun Allied pansys.
  13. Well done DOC keep it up and fight the fooker ! Why they call you Doc btw i guess you`ve earned your nickname now For those that don`t know this game wouldn`t have existed without Docs existence fwiw.
  14. Good luck DOC keep writing and so we can keep reading your updates and chat too.
  15. So Allied capped Essen in TZ3 with no bridges up and no Axis online, the last 14 CPs were capped with no opposition. Please don`t ever complain about TZ3 again Allies. Hopefully this is the end they just need to softcap Koln now.
  16. Individual Greatness Can Uplift an Entire Team
  17. I actually wear my mothers crocs and watch war movies they are a nice canary yellow. Paint Your Wagon is one of my all time favourites ¬ ` I was booorn under a wandering star`
  19. 11000+ posts and his first two likes.
  20. It was Phillipville that sunk you Allies
  21. This shows Allies were over pop this campaign 53% to Axis 47%