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  1. Bomb rendering is unreliable in this game. I've seen many bombs dropped by a wing-man who reports a hit while I see nothing. So, I think milo's theory is the most likely explanation.
  2. LOL, a lot of straight freeway here to there and Oregon speed limits are a little on the conservative side. I usually don't go all the way to Portland, mostly kayaking trips in the gorge area. So, my estimate may be a little off.
  3. My ping went from 90 - 200 ms to 40 - 60 ms. I didn't know the game could run this smooth. Everything feels much smoother. I'm in Boise Idaho about a 6 hr drive from Portland.
  4. I believe the tracers you're seeing are contrails from the hawk's hard turn. It's pretty hard to see so I could be wrong. Mission leader was 1 km over the fight with overwatch and didn't see other EA and dropped in and killed the hawk after my death.
  5. I had a strange death today. I was blacking out while trying to stay on the six of an ea and suddenly the icon on the lower left turned to the skull and cross bones. At that point I blacked out. I was no where near an enemy town, there was no other ea around. After exiting the the game I was MIA and no one or thing was credited with a kill. Action starts at 1:26 in the video below.
  6. Never mind, I got it working. I needed a restart after the directX update.
  7. I'm using a HOTS Cougar with windows 10 and after the latest patch the game doesn't seem to recognize the controller. I clicked the find controllers (or something like that) button, but that didn't help. It doesn't see it in game or in the key mapper. My controller is functioning properly with other applications. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. This would empower the attacker. It seems like the PPOS will benifit the defenders more though.
  9. Wed Dec 31 18:15:32 1969 network election of 2 addresses: Winner: [Wed Dec 31 18:17:11 1969] Netcode2: netcode2 usage disabled by preferences. Date and time: 4/28/2010 14:15:16 Program compile time: Apr 26 2010 16:33:32 File version: 1, 31, 0, 37 GL Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation Renderer: GeForce GTS 250/PCI/SSE2 Access violation: Illegal read by 006E479D at 000000F4 OS-Version: 6.1.7600 () 0x300-0x1 [006E479D] (ww2): : [005AC82B] (ww2): : [005A9D3E] (ww2): : [00A4EF49] (ww2): : [00AC0528] (ww2): : [00A8EDF0] (ww2): : [00A8ED96] (ww2): : [00A8ECD8] (ww2): : [00A4F163] (ww2): : [0044A292] (ww2): : [00746D58] (ww2): : I was crusing along in a 110fb. I opened the keymapper changed crew position 1 to a different joystick button and... Crash.
  10. win7 home 64 AMD phenom II x4 940 3.0Ghz 4GB GeForce GTS 250 Thu Jan 01 01:41:57 1970 network election of 2 addresses: Winner: [Thu Jan 01 01:44:52 1970] Netcode2: netcode2 usage disabled by preferences. Exited Program: file: ..\..\src\ml\mlMain.cpp, line: 7119, App Version: 1, 31, 0, 32 Message string: Cannot find strat spawn object for scx = 19, scy = 233, id = 3 Date and time: 4/7/2010 22:23:46 Ctd trying to spawn a 110f2b at bertrix.