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  1. Applied poke. Oh and Salvo since my game name change I can't access 56thfg. Can you fix please?
  2. Vista = Windows ME x64
  3. You'll never get it off the ground.
  4. Are you confusing your Playnet login name with your persona name?
  5. Razer Copperhead....mmmmm sexeh.
  6. SB Xfi 128 Hardware All sounds enabled - same prob as everyone else.
  7. U clearly promised a FRENCH sheep. Now honour your word.
  8. I am using Sgt Spoons excellent keyboard and mouse keymap files for tanks and ATGs. I have run into a problem that is beyond my limited capabilities to solve though. When using the MG on the tanks I find my turret stops rotating until I press the second mouse button key, which often forces me to give my position away. Every second time I press the second mouse button my turret stops rotating again. Also with the ATG when I hit the second mouse button to deploy the gun it stops me using freelook with my trackir. I have figured this must be because two functions are mapped to the same key but I don't know how to untangle them...without breaking something else.