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  1. Are you/will you be working with a National Pancreas Foundation "Pancreatic Cancer Center"? https://pancreasfoundation.org/npf-centers-info/pancreatic-cancer-centers/ I'm sure there are good cancer centers that aren't on their list, but my understanding is that a lot of the most advanced work is occurring at those facilities.
  2. Yogurt is a good start though in regard to straightening out the population of gut bacteria, which is probably haywire like everything else. There's increasing research these days that the gut bacteria affect mood and other elements of psychological and physical health other than the obvious nutritional connection. For instance: http://isiarticles.com/bundles/Article/pre/pdf/154209.pdf That sounds like probably your sense of smell is haywire, too. Maybe at some point soon it'll be time to begin re-exposing your smeller to "good" smells, sanitized rather than from the outside world because of your hobbled immune system, and not necessarily in conjunction with things you're supposed to eat but just to get that sensory functionality up and running so that when you're ready for it, it's ready for you.
  3. I don't think spawning should be based on the 800m tile grid. The number of potential spawn points in a given locale would be small because tiles are so large, so spawn camping would just occur per the grid.
  4. It's too bad CRS can't develop a way of having territory capture gameplay without spawn camping, i.e. enemy-position-aware dynamic spawning on top of mandated small unit proximity. No action at all when capturing territory is pretty realistic. You're scared and nervous, you're expecting the enemy to be around the next corner as you work your way toward the objective, but inexplicably they're not there. Spawning into a camped situation, OTOH, would only be realistic in Bizarro World.
  5. I wonder if the psychological customer-changes brought about by FTP...with a sizeable part of the old customer base now thinking they can and should get the game for free...have destroyed the ability of CRS to conduct successful crowdfunding appeals.
  6. I don't see getting 50K individuals to donate an average of $50 each as anything more than a fantasy. None of the crowd funding efforts to date have validated that level of optimism.
  7. What's it take in the real world to flatten/scatter a dirt-timbers-and-sandbags fortification? Not small or even large cannon shells. Not enough sustained force. Not aerial bombs, unless they're direct-contact hits with short delay fuzes. There's plenty of force at the slightly buried point of detonation, but that force diminishes very rapidly with distance. In the real world, it takes either trained men with demolition charges and shovels to tunnel them into or under the object, or a bulldozer. So, allowed methods: 1. HE "sapper charges". 2. Bulldozers: Take an available medium tank. Remove the turret, and cover the hull opening with a flat plate. (Or get fancy and make the vehicle look like it's got a stack of square timbers on top, plus other engineering construction materials...rope coils, buckets of waterproofing tar, shovels and picks, etc.) Mount a basic earthmoving blade to the front, with a small ground clearance. No need for an up/down animation or anything fancy. There's no requirement to make such a vehicle an exact copy of anything. Every army had these, but except for the US they all were at least somewhat customized based on what tank chassis was available. For game purposes, just make sure that each nationality has such a vehicle in every tier. In every army but USA, the turretless tank often was a multipurpose vehicle used for earthmoving, snow plowing if needed, mine clearance, vehicle towing, carrying bridge materials, and other heavy support tasks. Drive the dozer into a PPO fortification, and it disappears in a cloud of dust. Mounting plates for an earth moving blade: Front mount for a winch for a lift/lower earthmoving blade...removed while the engineer vehicle is used for tank recovery:
  8. An alternate viewpoint: raising $1mil or more is pie in the sky. Crowdfunding for this game means the small crowd that already cares about it. OTOH, as Xoom has recently said, the exactly-right-now income level isn't a viable business. I don't know his details, but I understand that summary. Maybe getting to WWIIOL 2.0 means continuing as CRS is...shoestring basis, volunteers, occasional fundraising...though with more subscribers because Xoom has told us it's that or the end, and with fewer or no ex-subscriber freeloaders because freeloaders are inconsistent with that business model. That's what CRS has a proven ability to do. Yes, it'll be slow. Yes, it's human nature to want immediate gratification, right now, not later. Too bad, most of us are grownups, we can't have 2.0 right now, so we wait and have it later. I don't see any other real world paths forward except for CRS to keep going as they are now, with a few financial improvements.
  9. On a test stand, or after firing from a 75mm rifled gun?
  10. I sure would think that a HEAT round without a means to counter the rifling spin would have very poor penetration, compared to a normal capped AP round.
  11. Air drop: if anything, small arms ammo only. No fuel, no cannon shells. Planes land at an airfield: fuel, a few cannon shells.
  12. I think it was said in the early days that bombs were processed in the damage code like bullets until they hit something that decelerated the bomb enough to trip the fuze. That is, whatever they hit as a bullet had some of their kinetic energy transferred. Bombs have a lot of kinetic energy. I think it was said that that was done to model what happens if a bomb hits another plane in flight. It damages that other plane as a bullet and keeps going without exploding. I assume that the new code that makes bombs duds if dropped too low, didn't change any of the already existing code. Probably we never noticed bombs causing kinetic damage to ground targets before because there were no duds, and the close-by explosion masked any such effects. Not any more, though.
  13. As I noted, USA was the only possessor of such a capability, starting in 1944 and building from there. Britain's late war capabiity was basically an adjunct of that of USA. They weren't airdropping supplies...they had two good airfields within the pocket. That was key...the JU 52 could lift something more than two tons in cold dry weather if it could land on pavement, but much less if the load had to be airdropped. They were hardly opposed at all by the SU air force which was still weak in 1942 and occupied elsewhere, yet they still lost 1/2 a year's entire German production of transports and medium bombers in two months. They committed all their transports from that part of the front plus most of the medium bombers from that part of the front, and were sometimes able to get supplies into the pocket on the ground, and they were minimally attacked by SU ground forces resulting in less pressure for more munitions, but the supply situation in the pocket was still so continuously dire that by the time the pocket was abandoned, two thirds of the men were dead, wounded or too sick to fight effectively if fighting had been needed...and the airlift effort didn't even try to move POL or artillery ammo, so all of those assets were rapidly useless and were eventually abandoned. Nope. Demyansk was another failure. The Germans didn't have an air supply capability. They were hopelessly foolish to think they did. They barely had an air-drop/air-landing capability for paratroops. They should have caught on to that after the Netherlands fiasco. Instead it took Crete for them to learn. And, the French never had that capability during WWII. And, the British didn't either until USA gifted them a large allocation of our transport production toward the end of the war. But, the game doesn't go that far chronologically yet.
  14. No nation had a WWII capability to air-supply even just enough small arms ammo and food for a medium sized defense...no artillery or tank shells, no truck or tank fuel, no mortar shells which cripples real world defense...except USA, and that only 1944-45 with months of advance planning and preparation. Stalingrad could not be sufficiently air supplied and was smashed. Arnhem could not be sufficiently air supplied and was smashed. That capability didn't exist in the real world. Maybe in comic books.
  15. I recall in that time period some interactions between CRS/Playnet and lawyers for IIRC a British divisional civilian honorment organization that legally held control of commercial use of that division's name, and threatened CRS/Playnet with legal action in British courts if they didn't pay a licensing fee...or something like that. Bloo would know that info. Hatch would have been there as well.