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  1. Keep this near the top. S!
  2. Make sure you're entering the right info. If you're account name/game name are different, make sure you're entering your account name, not game name.
  3. Yeah, that's what I'm saying. Your hurries were climbing while our bombers were still getting organized over the fields.
  4. Allies lifted as soon as we did from Vliss, so they were going to be coalt or higher, climbing at the same time while we were still getting our bomber flights organized. It was fun, but needed to be a little bit more organized.
  5. Everyone was getting told they couldn't take E4s for some reason.
  6. Yeah, they had twice as many spits as we had e4s.
  7. Oh yeah, allied fighters out numbered axis and most players were told to take E1s or 110s when there was still e4 room, which is why there were only 5 e4s total.
  8. Zero, RTB. Axis lifted from WAY too far away and seemed very unorganized. Counting both flights, we only had 5 e4s because Frantish kept telling people to go E1 or 110. In the high fight, we were certainly outgunned and outmanned. S!
  9. Does anyone know who I contact regarding Builders options and the like?
  10. I sent him an email a while ago, but he never got back to me.
  11. If you're looking to have a great time playing, while also learning, join JG51.
  12. If you want to be part of a great team and have a great time, regardless of skill, look us up.
  13. JG51 is a squad where teamwork and having fun are above everything else. It's a welcoming environment that allows pilots both to learn, and teach. Be you a veteran, or a rookie, JG51 will gladly take you. If you want to give us a try, come fly a few sorties with us, just send me a PM on the forums and in game and I'll get you set up.
  14. The domain expired.
  15. So, the game is down until further notice I guess.
  16. You think they'd have taken care of something like that.
  17. So, what's causing this problem exactly? I know it's happened before too.
  18. Yep, now I'm having this problem. Fix please.
  19. Will this game run on 3 monitors smoothly? Also, will everything visually line up? Middle screen would be crosshairs and everything, one left and one right.