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  1. Voted no, but at the same time, intermission is needed for this weekend after that long haul. I think the best bet is to have intermission today and Saturday, and start the new map first thing Sunday morning. We do see large population levels on Sunday afternoon and night.
  2. Lots of fun! Congrats Allies.
  3. They didn't have white flags before. What changed?
  4. No worries, as long as it was considered / can be done when possible
  5. Has this been done yet? If not, why not? Any good explanation? This would help your retention/sub numbers, particularly if squads/CRS members are holding training sessions. Should allow prospective customers test-drive the car before buying.
  6. Lots of Steam players bitching about not having F keys on their laptops, etc and the game requiring them. Should alter tutorial instructions to inform them that channel usage can be done via a . command (i.e. F2 target channel used by typing ".2 ET spotted here", etc.) and by doing so in tutorial clearing that requirement
  7. That's crazy, in 35 mins no less
  8. It's their right to do so if they choose. Just reporting what I'm seeing as far as new player complaints and issues. Gotta keep in mind - this is it for this iteration of WWIIOL having any new breath of life. There is no other chance for the game to seriously rebound short of an entire new game if it all possible. So we really have got to cater to this incoming population. No idea what's going to come of the sub model but that's the big one
  9. CRS may want to look at making true server population numbers public. Never understood why they were withheld, and certainly don't understand now. We're going to have to adapt to Steam and the new era of gaming that this game has been introduced to. A lot of players are judging this game by Steam player numbers alone (which we know aren't all players)
  10. I don't see myself as being a reliable resource. Now after summer is over (Labor Day is end of summer for us Philly people), I have a ton of stuff to do. On top of that, I'm pretty sure my comp just kicked the bucket - again - and am really not budgeted for fixing that POS again anytime soon. However, I know for certain Zippy has a great idea for the air players, involving posting to a WWIIOL blog with scheduled video releases about the basics of flying. He posts in the forums under his other account @lightning, so I'd bet he's down to sign up.
  11. Keep in mind - relying on your existing playerbase to do the majority of technical game training to a majority of new players is not going to work. It has not worked for the past decade or so, it will not just start working now. To think otherwise is foolish. Surely some players will be of assistance, but many of them do not have much time on their hands to play the game and would much rather spend that time playing instead of working, so to speak, even if there's a common shared goal here. Do not make the mistake of the last team and use that shared common goal as some sort of justification for putting this workload on your customers. What you need to do is utilize your volunteers. You have a slew of people running around with CRS caps in their handle with various community titles, assign them scheduled training nights on the training server and broadcast this to the new people. (Also thank you to whoever fixed Area 51!) Something like every Wednesday night 8PM-10PM on the training server, etc. A scheduled, dedicated training regimen is going to be your best bet. Also, incentivize your talent pool of players who would be good candidates for this role. These people are your trainers who can be found using the .tr command, and other players in the community who are very knowledgeable and have a lot of time on their hands, such as @merlin51, @OldZeke and @delems. I'd argue official CRS member hosted training events will be more effective, but there's a lot players like these can do for you as well. I want this to work just as much as the next guy, and from what I see here and on Steam, you have two major obstacles to success. First is the subscription model, personally to me not a huge deal, and in itself an entirely different discussion. Second, and more importantly, is the retention plan, culminating itself wholly in the form of familiarity with the game which is best employed through the methods listed above. EDIT: @zippycame to me with an excellent idea for training air players as well. I'd reach out to him too.
  12. In all fairness, how do you expect suppression system to be implemented in a game like this where client does not see correct 3rd person shooting of any player unit, and inf LOD models at distance & prone on berm have them pointing their weapons in the air?
  13. Why no voice comms? You're shooting yourself in the foot
  14. RIP
  15. There'd absolutely zero incentive to become HC anymore. I mean you don't even get the uniform. Hopefully they're less picky with accepting interested recruits than they were years ago, but I can't see many signing up to 'play' - more like work - as a flag mover and complaint-taker aka HC. Good time to post this cute little quip that I'll never forget: