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  1. It's its own challenge certainly but there's a couple facts to keep in mind. 1. WWIIOL 2.0 is nowhere near close to even an alpha build 2. We have no idea what the market will be for games like this when that day comes. It is true games like Hell Let Loose and Post Scriptum will beat WWIIOL in the race to a hardcore-realistic WWII game launch by a mile. 3. Moving the current population in no way would be an issue. The numbers are not large.
  2. Also consider German PzGr. ammo is APHE, so post pen effects such as spall are also accompanied by the round itself exploding, which particularly in the case of the 88mm shell is quite deadly for the crew (something like 100+g of TNT equivalent for the PzGr.39) Anyways, I went and did some looking at the Sherman in WT. That spot is quite deadly. It's above the transmission, directly between the driver and co-driver and right smackdab in the middle of the turret crew's legs. In the M4A3 76W, ammo is also down in the bottom of the turret/hull area. Unfortunately WT screenshot eliminates all UI but I will just type in the values: M4A2, right on the star is 51mm of armor @ 56° for an effective thickness of about 77mm (this is assuming shell is coming from same angle as camera view) M4A2 crew & components M4A3 76 (W) a bit thicker, same spot is 63.5mm of armor @ 57° for an effective thickness of around 100mm The small red area right on the edge of the hull before the lower front plate is around 120mm of effective thickness straight on Crew and components view, ammo highlighted. It should be noted the rest of the ammo is stored on the floor in the wet stowage containers just behind the driver and co-driver
  3. Those pictures look to be high velocity 75mm The transmission sits pretty low on the tank, usually hitting in that area will kill all crew (and for M4A3 ignite ammo) in this game. I'm not sure about the armor there but can check when I'm home later through War Thunder's quick check. Even though different games the tanks should share armor values.
  4. The lower glacis/transmission cover is a pretty reliable kill spot for the Sherman while using the 88 in this game. Interestingly enough, there's many photos of K.O'd Shermans with evidence of a penetrating round in that area. Works well with M4A2, even better with M4A3 due to ammo stowage.
  5. Ah, I remember that thing. Doc's red Merc W154. It was a real [censored] to learn to control but lots of fun
  6. Agreed, and also keep in mind this game tends to break in the most random ways imaginable after some patches, so it's not necessarily intentional depending on the changes
  7. Not recently, but it was done in the past, yes. It's not unique to just this unit, however. Just to be devil's advocate, maybe they aren't any longer, but this game has a demonstrated history of doing just that with several units - Pak36 sight included. Some others which got unmentioned buffs are the H-39 and German Flak 20mm. Granted this was all a long while ago
  8. The only thing I'll be surprised about is when the damn thing is fixed, along with all other DMs that need attention, and if I'm still even playing this game at that time
  9. You point is? There are plenty of planes with tough/durable reputations which are modeled in this game. But a buggy DM is a buggy DM, enough hours combatting the units will quickly help you learn what's wrong and what's not. It is a tough plane but the DM is flawed. Tell me, have you ever flown another flight sim which modeled the A-20 and engaged them regularly? I have. It's evident WWIIOL has a different way of thinking regarding how the tail and wings are damaged. One thing in common with A-20 DM defenders: You all either heavily use the unit, or have relatively little to no experience in the LW persona. Search the Hangar back to the introduction of the unit FFS and you'll note axis pilots with experience under their belt that eclipses mine complaining about the same thing. I even made a comparison video about it a ways back. Regardless, it'll be audited, hopefully soon...but let's not try to pretend it's
  10. This doesn't really mean anything here particularly considering how often the two units meet Db7/Spit vs. bofors
  11. Absolutely the DM. Never really thought there was much of an issue with ammo particularly A2A
  12. Not an HE problem. It's the DM. Another thing that's been documented and griped about in here since the dawn of time
  13. lol'd
  14. Used to be 50. Same with bombing factories. Points either got bugged or intentionally neutered many years back and we've been complaining about it ever since