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  1. To quote Ted Striker, it's a wet sponge. Logitech 3dPro joystick. I've only just resubbed and I just to pride myself that, with an ATG I could hit the driver slot over a good distance. Now, with the way this joystick is handling, I can't hit a bull in the butt with a bass fiddle. Joystick detected, calibrated etc. Any assistance would be gratefully received. S! and thanks
  2. When asked about the sinking he said: "I was not a hero, I just survived."
  3. I started to have big CTHL problems recently - tried out some of the solutions mentioned here (such as the ones mentioned by Caber) - worked brilliantly; went from CTHL every hour or so to several days (and counting), not one CTHL.
  4. My grandfather (dad's side) was a Regular in the British Army between the wars, time served by 37 or so. Re-enlisted in 39 on the outbreak of war but too old for the infantry (he'd been in the Lancashire Fusiliers previous) so went into the Royal Engineers. Was in France in 1940, evacuated from Dunkirk. Then attached to a UXB team in London during the Blitz. Then posted to 1st Army for the invasion of French North Africa, subsequently transferred with his unit to serve under 4th Indian Div in 8th Army in Italy. Was mentioned in despatches. My grandfather on my mum's side had passed away by the beginning of the war. Interestingly, my mother's mother ended up 'walking out' with a German POW, many of whom were still in UK after the war had ended. It was only some time later that the family realised that this chap - a very mild mannered watch maker - was in fact Ukranian and had been in the Waffen SS.
  5. thanks Gnasche, you're a brick!
  6. This is Gnasche (CRS Support). Your forum login works fine. Be sure to use your username, not your game name, to log in. Username: davies The password is the same that you log into the game with.
  7. Anyone heard any update on when it might be back up?
  8. Fingers crossed, I've been sorted out. Support cleared up my authentication problem and issues with connecting to the patch server appear to have been down to firewalls on my PC. Fingers crossed, all is good - DLing updates now..... All hail the Support team! cheers
  9. Logging in ok, but still unable to access the patch server - getting the webpage with the same error information that I had with the original problem
  10. My login appears to be working - many thanks! However now being told that unable to connect to the patch server. I'll keep trying though
  11. Still unable to login; now 28 hours since I resubbed so the advice that authentication is working within 24 hours doesn't seem to apply (well to me anyway). Any updates?
  12. This is Davies who logged the problem earlier - I've remembered my old forum login! Still can't get in login: davies thanks
  13. I'm still unable to login - same for last 11 hours or so
  14. Looks like there are a few of us in the same boat. Seems that the support people are on it - so here's hoping it gets sorted.