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  1. Hi, hope I posted this in the right area. Back in 2003 I was a part of a BF1942 clan named Catch-22. I eventually lost contact with them, but they were also active in WWIIOL. Hearing them talk in TS about it got me interested. If any of them are still around, it would be cool to game with them again, if they have any openings:D Thanks, SoupcanSam
  2. you should try off topic, dont really think this is the right place for this.
  3. not yet, the server hasnt been up when ive tried.
  4. mmm lovely cometus humps
  5. This forum requires that you wait 40 millenia between posts. Please try again in 16 decades.
  6. ooh found old stuffs
  7. bumpity bump bump
  8. 10.2 drivers appear to have fixed the problem for me in ver 1.30
  9. true, but its a never ending cycle ... development never stops so theres rarely any point waiting. the reason for the 5770 is that it satisfies the dx11 requirement right now, is affordable and performs at an acceptable level. if its not enough, i have the option of sticking in a second one and running them in crossfire which, from the benchmarks ive seen, comes in around 3rd or 4th in the performance stakes of the current card range, whilst still being cheaper than a 5850. thats my rationale anyway two 260's in sli is around the same price mark, with better performance, but doesnt give me dx11.