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  1. Yeah the comments on steam for the DLC are a real bed of roses.
  2. You used to question decisions, what happened to you?
  3. That myth has been busted.
  4. Seems like I remember CRS placed ads in WWII History or Military Heritage magazine back in the day. I think the grognard market has been tapped, either they're playing it now or have played it in the past.
  5. That shouldn’t take long.
  6. I'm sure there is a ton a data from Steam. One could go through the reviews and see exactly why: subscription, graphics, controls, population, etc etc.
  7. I think you have enough data from Steam, enough people simply aren't going to pay it for this game. Find another way. But it sounds like you're stuck in the same thought process you had in 2013. "Well if the server is being overrun by free loaders than they are baggage, this takes away from your game play experience by increased lag, and takes away from the business succeeding financially, therefore the game."
  8. I'm here for the same reason i was on
  9. You're still here? smh
  10. Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes? Yeah, that fits.
  11. I think the whole "if only more people knew about the game the more would subscribe" myth has finally been debunked with the exposure on Steam. Maybe there would have been an influx of players if the Steam client had been released shortly after being Greenlighted. You know, hit the iron when it's hot? But it's been a year...