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  1. just look under Enemies and you'll see who you killed and who killed you. Then work the math and figure out your K/D ratio
  2. For a long while, I always turned my sound off when playing the game. There was an option in the seeting to do so, then one update back when ever, that option was taken away. About 2 years ago i got a new PC. Fresh install of the game and behold, No Sound. That really didn't bother me as i was used to not playing with sound. RA came about and installed it and i have sound playing RA. Every other PC game i play i have sound, but not in WWIIOLBE. In the last 8 months or so, iI have noticed my FPS dropping lower and lower and lower and I run abour 15 to 18 FPS in the game. Last night i decided to get on TS and chat with the pilots flying because i was able to get on early enough when there were several hunded online. I was shocked, my FPS was 80 to 120 FPS at any given time. I'm like WTF is going on. This is not happening. I never get this FPS. So i tunr TS off and my FPS drops to 16, I turn on TS and my FPS jumps back up to 80+ But I have no sound in game, have adjusted every setting in my control settings for the game, tried every option given for choices on sound for the game (even made the same selection that i have in RA). So as best as I can figure out, WWIIOLBE has no sound for me and my FPS is 16 to 20 max, I turn on TS and play the game I'm running anywhere from 80 to 120 FPS. So, any of you PC gods have a clue as to what is going on? As i said, New PC when i bought it and did a fresh nstall i had no sound in game what so ever. RA has sound and i get great FPS in RA. I turn on TS while playing WWIIOLBE and i get great FPS. Turn off TS and my FPS go in the toilet.
  3. Sounds like it's time for a YouTube Movie
  4. Works fine for me in RA but i can not get a scope view in the sniper in WWIIOLBE. Anyone have any suggestions or ideas?
  5. seems when i go to the scoped view to shoot, all i see is black and not able to use the scope. Is this a known bug?
  6. This is what i saw just as the detection circle disappeared
  7. Enemy aircraft detection circle was not working correctly. Sometimes is came on a long distance grey and turned to red as you closed but maybe withing 300 to 500 meters it would completely disappear. i also had something like the old cornflake bug happen as the enemy aircraft went ot of detection range. SS coming as soon as i can post them
  8. i liked shooting Infantry with it
  9. i have 1 Question ??????????????????? How many Drinks did it take till MotorMouth started dancing on the tables
  10. i guess i'd have to ask ...... how many players would be shoting thier own side because they do not know the difference in the Vehicles? even with Infantry, they would shoot at everything they saw even if it was someone on thier own side. It would be extremely frustrating to be out a 1000 meters or so and have a friendly tank shooting you non stop because he thought you were an enemy tank because he doesn't know the difference between an allied or axis tank, or even an atg in a bush hiding and he starts shelling you and gives away your psoition to someone who knows the difference of the side specific models and gets you killed. the Forums and playerbase would erupt like Mt St Helens against players on your own side getting you killed by shooting at you and giving away your position. another point is, if the Tags were disabled, you'd never know who the player was you need to warn that a Sapper was behind his tank, or an SMG was near his atg, or a Enemy Aircraft was behing his plane. How would you ever be able to warn those members on your TEAM that they are in trouble from an ENEMY thats threatening to kill them?????????????????????? Sure, No Tags looks nice, but imho, it would be more harmfull to your side in being able to warn them of Dangers that are about to kill them than not having the Tags above them to help players identify Friendly from Foe. Just My Opinion on this.
  11. i was towing ATG's from Mendig to Remagen and somewhere near where the FB (if axis owned Remagen) would be to Mendig from Remagen myself and the 4 ATG's i was towing got the concussion bug. we had it all the way to Remagen. it finally stopped about 200m from Remagen.
  12. 1) What were your Frame Rates? 2) What were your Settings for each? a) highest possible medium c)lowest
  13. lolololololololol now thats funny