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  1. lets keep the "thundering herd" rolling my grandfather cpl.John W Hutton was a tank driver in the 88th armored recon bn F company.8th armored div. tiger has already stated part of thier record but i'll add a few the 8th was the last armour div sent into action,the unit served as the training unit before being designated the 8th. any armour unit who trained in camp polk la or fort knox ky were trained in the 8th before being deployed. besides the Halberstad-Zwieberge concentration camp they also libbed the Langenstein concentration camp. the langenstein libberation or what the 8th did there was concidered top secret . in the early 90s formal recognition and decorations were finaly granted to the 8th for langenstein. like tigers dad , my grandfather never talked much about the war,and if he did it was usually of brief fun times. of the war he said he said he never knew where he was going. they were basicly told a road to follow and did so till they got shot that point they return fire ,disengage.and retreat back where they came from. as a kid it never made sense to me ,but after learning he was recon it made all the sense. he also streesed to me of the concentration camps that ,he was there , he'd seen the crimes commited and that some day, people would deny it. and not to believe them f$^k'n liars when they did
  2. i'm interested in what your current fps are ? your still running a duel cpu chip at 3.2G thats plenty fast and the game only uses 1 core. i realize the subsystems (cpu/mem architecture) are on the old side,but how bad is it? if its real bad i'm thinking something else is in play here if your looking for maybe 20 fps ,you might wanna concider a OS streamlining and a independent sound card,bios disable the onboard realtek
  3. you didn't list cpu speeds of the 2 puters. my guess is they are about the same
  4. best res is the highest you can run. also in settings , make sure you turn post render filtering off that gives it a washed out blurry look too
  5. make sure all drivers are updated and post cpu and gfx specs
  6. the Inspiron 1750 has a intel Integrated Graphics (intel Xpress GMA) see indos last post
  7. i'm almost sure you can put a 1x PCI-E card into a 16x PCI-E slot
  8. it depends on what your trying to achieve .. it will have no probs running this game at all but if your looking for a plug and play puter that you won't need to touch for 6-8 if your looking for something that has potential for lasting 6-8 yrs ,yes the cpu and mobo are a solid backbone,and its not a bad price for a fully functioning box to get the most out of it though better mem ,gfx card ,cpu cooler and ,,if you sli or xfire a better PS are things to concider. if you don't mind the thought of eventually upgrading them parts in the YEARS to come it'll last a long while and a good buy.
  9. some times doinging the desk top and game resolutions thing won't work if they are too low. try this. set your desk top to its max resolution,,,then set your games resolution to the same max. later you should be able to return yourdesktop to its normal settings
  10. every time i ever had that happen to me it was a resolution conflict between the desktop and the in game settings. to fix it , i set my desktop resolution to max it can go, then go into wwiiol setting and set the game resolution to max. works after that
  11. specificly supported? no hypertheading is basicly a virtual core. but a virtual core isn't as efficient as a real core. so a real duel core cpu is better then a single core +a virtual core. now keep in mind that BE does not officialy support multi cores either. but as said above,BE wants to use 1 whole core to itself ,and it will offload things to another core or virtual core to do it. as to which will run faster ,i'd lean towards the duel cpu machine. its likely to have faster mem and will allow a dedicated core to the game even tho it has a much slower cpu
  12. i think the only thing thats lost is sound thruput
  13. well if your on usb your not using your onboard schip. as i read it , you have 3 choices continue using the usb headset and its built in proccesor get a new headset with 3.5 pins and use your onboard soundchip or get an addon Scard and a new headset with 3.5 pins. either way if your trying to get surround sound from a headset the biggest choice is in the headset itself. as mentioned before getting multi direction sound from 2 speakers covering your ears is hard
  14. usb headsets usually have digital processing build into them. they act as a scard /headphones in one. they have a limited impact on game performance there not as good as an add on s card ,but don't hit the system like an onboard schip does i've toyed with diffrent sound set ups ,and one thing i noticed is win 7 limits what you can do with diffrent set ups. i have noticed that an add on scard will give you about 20-25 more fps on avg over using an onboard sound chip. i'm using both a azuen bravua(spl?) and my onboard sound max chip i run my 5.1 speakers thru the azuen card i also have a headst/mic that i plug into the soundmax chip for use with TS the goal is to try and get game sounds thu speakers/azuen s card and TS chat thu the headset/soundmax chip. i've had limited success because windows 7 will only allow 1 default output to be chosen. in other words ,you get a choice of output on either azuen speakers OR soundmax headphones, not both
  15. post render filter off?