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  1. Check your speaker configuration in windows: control panel -> Sounds and audio devices -> Speaker settings -> Advanced -> Speaker setup Youll have the options to choose headphones, 5.1, 7.1, etc. (Above instructions are for XP)
  2. Just got a saitek x52 (WOW!) and Im in the process of reprogramming it...ID love it if I could print the current in game keymaps...Ive opened the CMFL files but they dont look too friendly... Is there some way to print the keymaps?
  3. Updated drivers to the latest, still does it Its a laptop, so its kinda hard to get in and clean off the fans, but I think theyre about as clean as I can get them, from the outside.
  4. What the heck is this? It doesnt seem to have any rhyme or reason, heres the specifics: It doesnt happen all the time. It doesnt matter if ive been playing a while, or just logged in (not heat or memory?) It only happens when I get within *exactly* 100m of the trees (LOD? issue?). It started some time back, but not directly coinciding with a patch. Driver version: nVidia GeForce GO 7900 GS 84.29 (did have most up to date before format last month, downloading as I write this) I get different effects, sometimes the trunks are stretched like this, sometimes the tree trunks appear to go straight up into the sky forever (also seen in that pic), sometimes it appears as if its the foliage thats stretched. I notice no other graphical anomalies with vehicles, inf, terrain, etc, just trees and foliage. Ideas?
  5. Either way, you need to have your sound card selected instead of "primary"...whether it fixes the CTDs or not
  6. Dunno if it will fix it, but you need to select your sound card in settings, instead of "Primary SOund Driver"
  7. I used to get them too... Disabling radial clutter fixed it
  8. Yes, he has reinstalled. (hes a squaddie)
  9. Are you a new player? In other words, have you ever been able to load in the past?
  10. I think thats what the killer nic advertises.
  11. What that means is that you have selected "Use Best" in your network settings. Instead of "use primary" or "use secondary". In order to "use the best", the system has to figure out which network route is "best". So it pings both routes, and chooses which one is "best, based on ping times. Thats what this part means: network election of 2 addresses: Winner: The other part indicates that you have elected to use netcode1, instead of netcode2, in your network settings. Thats what this part means: Netcode2: netcode2 usage disabled by preferences. You might try enabling netcode2, in ww2ol settings, its right next to SSE2 extensions.
  12. You just select netcode 2 in your ww2 settings.
  13. UDP is more tolerant of packetloss, and has less network overhead, in that it doesnt wait for an acknowledement from your PC that you got the packet.