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  1. Hey, good timing on my part. Just went to the ol' wwiiol site to see what was going on and there's a Welcome Back event Downloading on a whim. Pretty much started within the first month or so of Day1 as I can remember Many nights spent with the rest of Lafayette driving around in the back of a truck. Man, the novelty of online gaming could sure make-up for actual gameplay back then Looking forward to see where the game has gone. Thanks for the opportunity to check it out again.
  2. I have the original WWIIOL CD installed with no patches. I have D/L'd the latest playnet installer but it crashes when I try to use the Autoupdate feature. Should I Download the full version of Battlefield Europe and install manually? Thanks.
  3. Thanks Hardcase. 94% complete....hoping it won't make me buy a new CD key. I mean I bought the game in 2001...I should get my 35 bucks out of it eh??