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  1. Sorry Hed holidays killing me, please check your email - Bump
  2. Merry Bumpmas and Happy New Year to everyone.
  3. Actually the Scouting forces was formed by Trimcz and Jimato which were Originally 56th FG Pilots, after a couple of years some of the guys came back and flew here on and off. But we Fly FAF because we all love American Iron, no we do not fly the dewotine. But give us a look omfgowned, look forward to getting your recruitment form.
  4. I missed my bump-o-latern this year so I'm going to give it a bumpsgiving
  5. did you see her girly bumps he girly humps ?
  6. Bump fest has begun! ! Digger
  7. Bump it real good
  8. Ummmmmmm I think he was acquitted on false allegations. Salvo's lawyer was heard saying in defense "If It don't fit you must acquitt" "By all means did he bump her", He's bumped her on many occassions, she never seemed to bother her", "Hell my client even bumps the pool table yo Honor". Judge threw the case out as effidence found salvo to be a bumping addict. Bumpinbikini