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  1. AAR: ATTACKING BREDA AND DEFENDING PAAL ||| 05-04-10 07:47 from Oliver35 17IDKG1 CO Yesterday i was ordered to blow Kerpen FBs. After I did my Job successfully, Westwild ordered me to go to Breda AO. I checked the situation around the Breda AO, and hat setup a Mobile Spawn to the North Area, to split the Breda Defenders to all directions. After some minutes we was able to cap the Breda AB and the whole South and East Area of Breda. After my North MS was destroyed i reacted on a call from the German Playerbase and some Squads to hold the Breda Armybase with another MS in the City. With the good Communication between PB in South area we were able to hold the Hoogstraten CP and the Breda AB for around one more hour. In this time we became our fifth AO available. With around 20 soldiers who was involved to defend the Center and South of Breda, we needed more Soldiers here to finish the town. But another 30 min ago, and we cant expand to cap the whole town. After Niederkassel was finished, it was too late for us, and we lost our Gilze Spawn, and the Hoogstraaten CP, so the Allied moved another KG into Breda, and we lost our advantage in supply. We lost more and more ground in Breda, and then lost one FB, and was pushed back with to the other FB with the defense of this FB. Ok, my last action was to blow the moerdijk-Breda FB with our supply from the KM. I successfully blowed this FB, and drove another MS directly from Moedijk to Breda. I did some caps in Breda West Area with some brave Axis soldiers, and was ordered after 3 hours to switch to Paal Defense. In Paal i just arrived to the right time. The allied was pushing with a well organised attack from East to South. Massive formed armoured columns and regurlary driven Mobile Spawns. Early i had setup a Defensive in the East of Paal, because I know our "Bunker Rat Olavv" was in Paal. I supported Olavv with this defensive MS very well. After i spawned a sapper, i found a well hideaway in some bushes. I reported over 40 minutes, where the enemey tanks was rolling in, where was enemy infantry incoming to Paal. I did my best accurate marks on the map, so that our defense made a great job here. I killed also some EI, and some deployed EMS. I didnt use my satchels, because i thought that is very important to keep updated marks fresh on the map. After one allied Bomber dropped a bomb on my head, my last sortie of this great battle ended KIA! This report was written from Oliver35 in memory of this great battles in Breda and Paal on Ostern 4/4/2010! A great Thanks a lot, to all involved soldiers on both sides for this great time and Battles!