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  1. To war indeed comrade! may strength and peace be in you sir, prayers on the way
  2. If someone doesn't come along in here - I would invite you to log in, get in on some attacks and defense missions and check out some squads are that in battle, pm the members your interest, tune to chanel 10 and side and give a big shout out to any squads that may be on, talk it out in battle, see how they operate and have fun! - and get on discord! I hope this helps, Cheers!
  3. yes side channel is "OT" - and that is all it is. 10 is for ground ops/tactical reports 20 for LW and 30 for KM keep this in mind - and use them appropriately. and keep local town contact reports etc to target/local chat. anything pressing the powers that be need to know about enemy strength/presence etc... pm the officer or put it on 10. side is for side chatter, ot stuff. keep this in mind, and use them appropriately. when used p[properly, the flow of comms is manageable and logical, else we get all sort of fire alarms and troops running around like lemmings...which is not good for any sort of defensive or offense planning.
  4. Congratulations troops! well done!
  5. well done indeed soldats!
  6. welcome back sir!
  7. Congratulations fellas! keep bringin the luv!
  8. very nice sir
  9. Delicious eye candy as always Propa! !S
  10. well done all troops!! - sounds like y'all had a blast which was the biggest achievement! Congratulations to all
  11. well done indeed! congrats!
  12. Nice and easy to follow! Gj hateract
  13. Great initiative Sorella! Congratulations soldat!
  14. Outstanding Vanapo! well done sir, great info here.