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  1. ***When the application tools are taken off line, send applications via email to*** Please include: Game name // time zone // preferred branch // year started playing // squad name (if a member, encouraged, but not required )
  2. Got it ahhtookk, welcome to a whole new world ***When the application tools are taken off line, send applications via email to*** Please include: Game name // time zone // preferred branch // year started playing // squad name (if a member, encouraged, but not required )
  3. that is the willy tee gallery from the main WWIIOL website, were you looking for something like that odonovan?
  4. Congratulations! How wonderful
  5. Nice find! Thanks for sharing that.
  6. Bringing you up here RWS, get some more visibility with your issue. I had some issues initially as well, found an old folder like you too, it did not uninstall when I went through my control panel, I had to do it manually. That seemed to do the trick.
  7. how wonderful! rest well and keep healing up
  8. If you want something to do in TZ3 - join your Team's High Command (GHC or AHC) - and make it happen! we can't depend on one or two guys(on either side) - but we can depend on the team, coming together, and stepping up to make the war happen!
  9. The High Command officers, on both sides, ARE the community – hand in hand with the squads and the playerbase at large. The players who volunteer are just that, players, but they have also volunteered to set aside a portion of their “free” gaming time to serve our community. The burden of managing so many intricate details along the front has, to a certain extent, been reduced. Where the focus now lies is in supply management and territory control – this demands a higher degree of field command - in the trenches, mud on boots good old fashioned wwiiol rumbles. This is a kind of burden too – and in the prior system and 1.36, burnout happens. We pull back, but we come back! This is where the strength of our squads comes in. Over the years, I am sure the majority of us here have forged virtual, and in a lot of cases actual friendships during our gaming time. Our buddies, our squaddies help us through the rough patches, and help keep us laughing through all the blood sweat and tears we shed in this grand game of ours. Squads also hold the key to leadership in both High Commands. As proven leaders, squad officers and veterans are the backbone of the HC’s, as the squads are the backbone of the game. Squad CO’s, XO’s veterans – all together in one place, on one team, one channel, with one vision, one plan, communicating and coordinating as a single team, Team Axis or Team Allied. The in-game leadership is in all of us. So... all of you veteran players and squad officers – Now is the time to take up the mantle of side wide, community wide leadership for your side, and rock your opponents world! Do you want to see coordinated ops? Combined arms? Visible vocal leadership in the field and “at the map”? – Players make that happen – you can make that happen – we make that happen.
  10. Back to your main question Malvoc... ...what time (zone) are you playing where you find no GHC on?
  11. To war indeed comrade! may strength and peace be in you sir, prayers on the way
  12. If someone doesn't come along in here - I would invite you to log in, get in on some attacks and defense missions and check out some squads are that in battle, pm the members your interest, tune to chanel 10 and side and give a big shout out to any squads that may be on, talk it out in battle, see how they operate and have fun! - and get on discord! I hope this helps, Cheers!
  13. yes side channel is "OT" - and that is all it is. 10 is for ground ops/tactical reports 20 for LW and 30 for KM keep this in mind - and use them appropriately. and keep local town contact reports etc to target/local chat. anything pressing the powers that be need to know about enemy strength/presence etc... pm the officer or put it on 10. side is for side chatter, ot stuff. keep this in mind, and use them appropriately. when used p[properly, the flow of comms is manageable and logical, else we get all sort of fire alarms and troops running around like lemmings...which is not good for any sort of defensive or offense planning.
  14. Congratulations troops! well done!
  15. well done indeed soldats!