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  1. Congratulations fellas! keep bringin the luv!
  2. very nice sir
  3. Delicious eye candy as always Propa! !S
  4. well done all troops!! - sounds like y'all had a blast which was the biggest achievement! Congratulations to all
  5. well done indeed! congrats!
  6. Nice and easy to follow! Gj hateract
  7. Great initiative Sorella! Congratulations soldat!
  8. Outstanding Vanapo! well done sir, great info here.
  9. Order of V-Rab Awarded to a player or officer that accomplishes a set goal set by an operational objective. This award shows the commitment and discipline of the wearer for a job well done. Battle for Charleroi, 16 Sept 2018, Cowin, while under heavy fire during a long arduous night attack on Charleroi - lead the way pushing first to cap the North Army Base bunker after a brutal fight - and hours later started the solo cap of the South Army Base bunker against heavy allied resistance. This one is for you - well done soldat!
  10. oooooo cartoons!
  11. So many great ways to play! That's the beauty of this game, the wide variety of game-play, and it all comes together! Each of us in our own way contributes to something larger than ourselves, this game is the big league 1. Community interaction 2. Side wide impacting actions 3. Area stronghold
  12. Well done all soldaten! Congratulations!
  13. MERITORIOUS SERVICE CROSS Awarded to individuals for meritorious service in the superior performance of their duties. Yesterday in Orval, Mwittman helped to hold the key cps and recap the lost bunker. He always is doing good comms, always defending, always moving. While Team Axis was in Lechesne AO, Mwittman helped to recap the town, kicking the allied AO. Well earned soldat! - This one's for you!
  14. welcome back Viper!