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  1. And give me some lovin... Please have a look at my in-game account status and please call me to let me know what is going on. Post your email and I will send my number to whomever answers.
  2. Took my system apart to clean it and now its not booting or booting with tons of lines and color patterns... I can barely make out the energystar logo and it running a memory scan then goes black. I see light on hard drive but no noise. Video card was a little dirty but used a can of air and cleaned it up. Most of the time I get nothing - screen comes on but stays black. Every third or fouth reboot I get that garbled stuff. Dunno if my video card or hard drive is porked?
  3. I'm leaning towards the XFX 6600GT. But still not 100% sure....If I could find a 6800 Ultra for a little more I will. Even Ebay prices are retarted. Asus N6600-TD GF6600 AGP 256MB Retail (1) CAN$155.75 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Asus N6600GT-TD GF6600GT AGP 128MB RETAIL (1) CAN$204.75 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ATI Sapphire X1600PRO AGP 512MB OEM (1) CAN$206.75 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BFG Geforce 6600GT AGP 128MB Retail CAN$229.95 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- XFX Geforce 6600GT AGP 128MB Retail CAN$186.75 --------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. I don't know what happend but it seems my power supply fried my hard drive and my video card ram. I bought a new 450 power supply and gaming case today with 4 fans. I will need to get a new hard drive and video card on Friday. I can get an 80gig for about 60$ I hope I can find a 6600GT AGP for a decent price.
  5. It was my video card... Now what to upgrade too...I can only afford like $200 I'm thinking 6600GT
  6. Is one better than the other?
  7. It turns on and what I see is this: Screen full of muticoulored lines and squares flickering in and out. Behind that I can barely make out the boot script and memory test then it goes black screen. if I ctrl/Alt/Del it reboots.
  8. I was thinking that stubbles....thanks bro....just for ****s n giggles Im gonna get a new case and power supply tomorrow.
  9. I'm leaning towards fuged mainboard but just can't be sure. I have seen this with 100 systems previously but I dont have spare parts laying around to check with. I tired an old hd that should have worked and same thing happend. Screen comes on but stays black. I think the video card is fine although it gets really hot fast not sure if thats normal.
  10. Yeah double checked. Pulled are cables and reseated both video and sound cards like 10 times. Checked all the wires etc...I just dunno. I'm gonna give up for tonight...and press the power button in the morning and pray it was all a nightmare...
  11. Been working on it for 3hours straight...I just can't figure what is causing it.
  12. Please have a look here and let me know which you feel is best bang for the buck. I am running a P4 2.4 with gig of ram. Im thinking I may pickup the ATI x700pro for $149
  13. My Movies site...About 10+ there I have about 15 more to post from the old days... http://www.brivers.net/helmman/HelmBunker/Theatre.htm