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  1. See my post here about the X-Fi and what it supports.
  2. I myself went from pre-patch 60-80 fps to post patch 1 - 21 The vast majority of the people I talk to in TS and ingame all say they have seen a dramatic decrease in fps with the 1.27 patch. Oh and by the way, this game does "NOT" have modern graphics, hate to break it to you bud, but these graphics are very very dated. Very little has changed since the original release. I play Everquest II on max settings with 40+ fps and that games graphics engine is way more modern than WW2 Onlines by nearly 5 years not to mention it looks about 100 times better. Yes I still play EQII. If you tried to sell this game at Best Buy / CompUSA or any other place and put on the box, the latest modern graphics and post real screen shots on the box you would get laughed out of the store...lmao The biggest problem for loss of FPS is an old engine coupled with outdated library files.
  3. I'm in CTD hell regardless of what I try now. Can no longer play.
  4. Got none last night after server maint., but today is a different story. Turned on SSE2 just to give it a try, and good lord the CTD's started like a flood. Turned it back off, and its still CTD'ing. I cannot get any of the fixes to fix it. Should have just left it alone. But hopefully that will point CRS in the right direction. Why would turning on SSE2 break it and turning it back off not fix it? 10 CTD's in 40 minutes, last 6 where with SSE2 off, first 4 where with it turned on. Half the CTD's gave me a Mem_Bad_Pointer error message.
  5. Same thing, 10 CTD's inside of 40 minutes, and 4 of them mentioned the Bad_Pointer thing.