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  1. you spawn a tank, you carefully drive 30 minutes to get to that lovely hill you want to be...and CRACK!! mechanical failure, despawn and start again. Someone said riot?
  2. "HC PULL OUT OF A TOWN" Do you know about supply,links, managment? You cant discuss about map moves without knowing the rules.
  3. "Join Date: Sep 2015"
  4. going make a premonition: Suddenly,any day,any momment at middle of some campaign, not far away... lot players going start logging Axis, just to turn this upside down, and the allied side going be in ciclical,and has no sense.
  5. Hi Todberg, good answer, i know it. But mi point is that those people sometimes arent enough to keep this thing going. Thats why i sometimes think we need a certain side-lock to make a real side for a campaign, and not only rely in some dedicated players. I dont see side lock like a gun at peoples head.
  6. Ok, so who are the axis you talk about?
  7. I´m reading all these posts about "the axis" ...and im a bit confussed: Who are the "The Axis"? Players switch sides all the time,except just a are the axis guys you are all are talking about? There is no side-lock at this in reality the "Axis" side is...imaginary. Whats happening? Lot discussions about, but nothing clear. So i was thinking about this philosophical question and something hit mi mind: What if the problem is precisely... There is no real axis or allied side! What if the game needs a real side for a campaign?> Side-lock! Ok...this allways was in mi agenda, just find a new way to bring it back to the table. Salutes.
  8. #12 Death by mortar...i find it kinda embarrasing.
  9. "So your basically saying new guys ruin the fun?" : Yes. "basically your saying I would ruin your fun if I spawned on your FRU?":Yes I can have a mission, together with mi squadies, or alone. And you dont know anything about it...because your arent in same TS or chat channel, so you can ruin mi mission, not intended of course. Is mi mission, why should i have people,with no idea about it, spawning there?
  10. You should know it, but im going give you mi view: In this game, sometimes, suddenly,a side breakdown appears. Population at one side goes suddenly down, some players start switching to the "overpop" side (to have more kills,caps or whatever), other players start logging off for a while,other players cancel subscriptions, same with HC...till there is no HC at all. And the side collapses for a while,and the war at forums gets bloody. Can happen at any point in the campaign. I remmember this happened not long ago in allied side, and is happening now in axis side. So there is the issue, what can be changed in the game to prevent this sudden side collapse?. BTW, i just unsubbed, but have also some RL issues to fix.
  11. No way. Missions are individual, each player makes the mission he wants,or need. I may want to blow a bridge, for example, while you want go for a capture.
  12. Chickens run, but they allways end fried. Dont run so much: hide.
  13. I was reading some threads about HC system lately, and the "no HC online" problem. I had an idea,a small one,probably a bad one...but going launch it: When there is no HC online (System somehow needs to know it) AO launching get disabled, noone can launch a new AO,and maybe also flag movments can be disabled, till both sides have at least 1 HC. S! /run and hide.