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  1. can you please remove FAQ to Bazso's Axis Guides (Revise Edition) thread there has holes now and point number 2 i have updated info on my forms site
  2. the new thread has moved to this part of the forms
  3. hello free accounts i also have a ATR guide i offer some information in case you need other ideas of how to kill enemy tanks axis allied
  4. i agree with all of you points of view i hope to see some allied screen shots of the free accouters it would be a good thing to i won't lie
  5. what a wonderful screen i have manage to capture of a bunch of free account persons it is happening its working its working its starting!!!! so good to see new faces in the game
  6. hello free account persons first of all let me welcome you to battle ground europe a very huge wonderful world of adventure as well as exploding action awaits you... my name is bazso if your looking for another idea of how to kill enemy tanks rather if your playing axis or allieds your more then welcome to take a look at my forms guide site you do not have to worry about making an account there to view the info, if you want to communicate with me your more then welcome to make an account there and shoot me a pm about what else you like to see there i am always looking for ideas to improve the guide site and to help new players get into the fold of how to play the game better and quicker, here is the main home page of my site
  7. i mean complaining about it unless you know anything about game software programing and if you do willing to offer your services for free? is not going to get this done any faster if you can't be bothered to try the ideas i mentioned above then its your best bet to take a break from the game for a while until the problem gets fixed, and as for your 500 usd donation narg you do under stand that everyone at the end of the day pay's for this game no matter how much the amount is so for you to think you have any certain influence pull maybe apart from the other bonus you can get from the rats i sure this bonus is not included
  8. ok i say this much then, maybe you all not aware that the rats are aware of this problem and i am sure they are working on it but they look to be very busy now and days there is only so much they can do at one time i mean how would you like to be rushed?
  9. that disrupt your training and just causing all sorts of problems screen shot everything and then post it here so that everyone will know when they see that player on the training server they know what to look for and hopefully be prepared for that player
  10. glad you ask that sir i do have plans to make one here soon i just got to get rap up with the atging stuff for the allieds atr is on my next list of things to do
  11. if your going to be that close you need to be in the 1st zoom slight the far slight as i call it and you need to watch the impact the sparks of where your round made might have also needed to aim a little bit higher to on the bullseye if your useing a pak38 or a pak 40 you want to use the tip of the triangle if you at 100 meters or less at times you will need to use the little triangles to the right of the main one depending of where your seeing the sparks comeing from. if you in the pak36 it can be pretty hard to do at that range you want to be at least 300 meters out and useing the 400 meter cross hairline if you can't go out at that range just use the 400 meter cross heir and PREY that you can kill him you also want to be in the 1st zoom slight not the 2nd one
  12. all of me spots here are based 1 one shot kills to
  13. oh and it is a all open forums so you don't have to worry about registering
  14. sir you can find more uptodate info on my forums site here covers more sapper info and more atg/panzer spots please feel to ask me anything here make sure before asking me that you read everything if there is something that is not covered in my notes on me forums ask me then
  15. ahhh ty sorry about thathere is the vicky everyone VICKY