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  1. can you please remove FAQ to Bazso's Axis Guides (Revise Edition) thread there has holes now and point number 2 i have updated info on my forms site
  2. something weird must be happening at the start of the week end server has dced me twice in under 10 mins and what i mean by dc as in i am force to do a manual exit of the game just so i can reenter it because after it gives me connection to host re established message a few times i can't respawn in chat or do anything else in game
  3. Here is a link to his guides hello and welcome to my Facts Answers and Questions page here you will find out what answer you will have regarding about axis gear or any facts you will have on axis gear. as well to any questions you may have about axis gear hopefully my self or others will have your answers to your questions about what axis gear is not doing or is doing. you are welcome to post what thoughts you might also have as well please use the quote function at all times when answering or makeing a fact or any other thoughts you may have. if you start flameing in this post of any sort of manner or of any kind it will be ignore completely my subject here is for information purposes only if you want to or wish to start a fight take it to (the barracks) , (the hanger) , (the motor pool) and (the harbour) please. this post is to help the axis players gain a under standing of what axis gear works when it comes to allied gear as part of the trainer corps at this time it will be my job to find out answers to your questions. it may take a few days to a week maybe more depending of what my real life demands of my time but i can guarantee you as a blood oath that i will try my best to find the answer's you seek. if i have no ideal i will answer your question with this praise (i honestly have no answer to your question at this time but i will not forget your question i might have a better answer for you later on). if later happens and i still don't have a answer to your question hopefully others will i clam to be no genus of any sort i find out information through the trail and error way of most things when it comes to this game. i am no crs staff by any means i do this on my own time and free will to help the axis side gain a better under standing of how axis ground gear works against what allied piece of equipment. i hope this thread will be usefull to what it is that you seek in some sort of way how i will answer players questions is in the order of when the poster post's there question. i will work on 5 questions per a week depending on how much time i will have on my hands will very some things that i can answer right away others depending on your question will take me some time to find out. i ask to please bare with me in this time while i am trying to find your answer i thank you in advance for bareing with me during this time i hope that the info. that i give to you will be hopefully enough to help you gain under standing and enlightenment of how your piece of gear that you like to use in the game works to you good luck and happy hunting!!!
  4. the new thread has moved to this part of the forms
  5. what a wonderful screen i have manage to capture of a bunch of free account persons it is happening its working its working its starting!!!! so good to see new faces in the game
  6. hello free accounts i also have a ATR guide i offer some information in case you need other ideas of how to kill enemy tanks axis allied
  7. i agree with all of you points of view i hope to see some allied screen shots of the free accouters it would be a good thing to i won't lie
  8. hello free account persons first of all let me welcome you to battle ground europe a very huge wonderful world of adventure as well as exploding action awaits you... my name is bazso if your looking for another idea of how to kill enemy tanks rather if your playing axis or allieds your more then welcome to take a look at my forms guide site you do not have to worry about making an account there to view the info, if you want to communicate with me your more then welcome to make an account there and shoot me a pm about what else you like to see there i am always looking for ideas to improve the guide site and to help new players get into the fold of how to play the game better and quicker, here is the main home page of my site
  9. My core use to run at 2.1 gig speed it now runs at 1.05 gig speed My question is why does my core freezes up when it is booting up at a higher core speed. When I mean freeze as in it stops booting up and just sits there not doing anything.
  10. My humble apologies I was trying to find any topic to my question and I had a very hard time tracking the subject down.
  11. Can you connect to rat team speak server with team speak 3? *My fault was not paying attention that question was for windows users I am one*
  12. i can't get past 800x600 my card can support up to 2048x1536 this was before and even now after the patch
  13. ok here is some more insight i did some checking on my card it is not just only a ati x800 card it is the ATI x800XL this card works with direct X 9.0b!!!
  14. please forgive me <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> also another thing i forgot to add it takes me twice to save on note pad before it goes into effect
  15. oh ok yeah it also does it in game as well ok i made the changes game still will not move past 800x600
  16. C:\Program Files\CRS\BATTLE~1 C:\PROGRA~1\CRS\BATTLE~1 going to make new post about my resolution
  17. i have my game set for custom performance and have my V. card set to performance what does everyone else do to get more fps?
  18. i am using win xp pro 32 bit edition and yesterday i was able to use 1280 by 720 while in game and then it has reset back to 1024 by 768 squad mate was telling me how to set it but when i set it to a new res the game will not load
  19. yeah but i do like to see what i am doing on there
  20. here is my settings after i reinstalled the game last night
  21. yeah about that was going to ask if anything new going to come out from amd both core wise and card wise because atm then invidal cards very powerful it seems. and intell very much top of there game to it also seems
  22. well the links were not so much about where the company is at but just was giving him a idea about price and cards if he should happen to go with ividia and my card set up is set up not just for this game alone i play others. how anyone thinks every time i put up info of what i like to go after thinks for this game needs to start asking me is it for this game along or for others and i would appreciate if others would start asking me that. then going on the assumption that i am talking about just for this game alone this is not so much a whine just respectful requesting. also on another note would not surprise me not one bit to see new egg show up in europe to as big of a hit as they are in the U.S