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  1. here is a hopefully usefull link that might help you under stand the cards better here is my mobo i am planing to get and even if it does have poor audio i am going to counter it with this sound card this is not so much about me just thought i would give you some ideas as well p.s. also i am sure lazy will tell me if this is wrong or not but i like to go after the GX2 cards here is a link for them also another one i think would be pretty good but you might be paying through the nose a little bit more lazy is a very good guy he knows what he is talking about but i just thought i would post some more ideas about my thinking
  2. i to have the same joy stick i have the G5 my os is win xp pro 32bit edition i have heard anyone that uses vista and plays this game has some problems here and there.
  3. i am planing to use win xp 32bit pro edition am i going to have to worry about upgrading to vista or can i still use DirectX 9.0c with this card?
  4. ahh ok tya once again mr lazyboy as normal your help once again has been invaluable
  5. hey dover send more screens of what the game looked back then for us newer ww2 online generations to look at
  6. that disrupt your training and just causing all sorts of problems screen shot everything and then post it here so that everyone will know when they see that player on the training server they know what to look for and hopefully be prepared for that player
  7. you got to remember if you live in US that the greedy people in power going to see how much they can suck out of you in money wise before they will move on like the rest of the world does but 9 times out of 10 its the bankers that are doing this
  8. OK i was in action where there was a red sector and i was getting from 25 to 35 fps using my settings i hope this helps i also have my card set on full performance here is my system specs: core is a 2.1 gig amd xp 3000+ ati radeon X800 2 gigs of 3200 pci 200 MHz
  9. OK i was in the air last night over a town that had light action i was getting between 45 to 50 fps using my settings i will try some more heavier action soon
  10. my settings they just do not only work on the ground but they also works in the air to i have seen what best and primary does primary is the start of getting more fps but having it linked to 2nd route.i have been using it for a good while now and it really helps with the fps a lot i should know and i am running on a 6 meg cable connection my system is not the best but the way i have the settings set to it should clear some of the stutters. but also i have not been flying for a while ether last time i remember they worked good but its time to test them again because that was like 4 months ago
  11. ok now i am going to give you some advice of why i have settled these settings net work route: now why i use a 2ND route is because it is much easier on both my system even more so on the server and i am able to see what is going on around me player limit: why i have this settled for high is so that i can see everything rather it being close or far away resolution: this game does like the 600 by 800 but at times it likes 1024 by 768 just as good it is not a major factor in your fps i think that by having a smaller resolution at times it might lower it but by having it at normal 1024 by 768 your fps likes it a lot more better no frame run ahead and vertical syncing: when both are enabled they suck up a lot if not most of your fps by having them both disable your getting half maybe if most of your fps dithering and specular: while these guys are treated like nothing major by having them enable yes your looks are going to look sucky but your fps will improve even some more suppress tracer smoke muzzle smoke muzzle light: now you must be thinking if i have these enable i am not going to see incoming tracer fire or when enemy tanks or ei fire off there guns that there light will not show i will not see the puffs of smoke coming from enemy tanks or atgs NOT TRUE!! why i say this is none of that goes away its like as everyone says your seeing star wars effects the only thing that goes away is when you see no more smoke trails also i say this is a small amount of your fps that you gain but everyone that likes a realistic effect will leave it on to see the smoke trails limit fod and fov changes: i have not bother with this so much i have always left it disable others are saying its a slight range thing just like the player limit radial clutter: i don't know which it is used for ether i have this disable as well shadier settings: this everyone i am hoping should know this is a major fps sucker but if you have a good system and have it enable it will make everything look pretty i was told this by others sound: now this is something pretty weird everyone would think this effects your sound yes this is true you will hear some things and then some things you will not. but also this effects how fast you load into the game how fast you can do things while at the map screen and how fast you spawn in don't ask me why i just found this out not to long ago like a few hrs ago it works very well for me i don't know if it will work for others other thoughts: i set my video card on full performance i also was told that a vista 32bit user that does the following same settings should see there fps go up some as well i have only worked with one vista user though i am not sure how many other vista users it will work for
  12. sir here is some screen shots for my in game settings i also recommend setting your vid card all the way on performance
  13. can i use a LGA 775 fan heat sink cooler on a LGA 771 core or does it have to be LGA 771 fan heat sink cooler on LGA 771 core does it always the type of fan and heat sink cooler socket have to match the socket core? sorry if that's a prolonged version on the question there any answer will be great or any thoughts you may have thank you so very much in advance
  14. now sir i am going to be completely honest with you1) don't ever stop thinking that type of thinking 2) i feel that there is nothing wrong with that type of thinking that makes you who you are and your character in this life time 3) sir don't think your help is not been useful sir your help from the day we met here in the BE forums it has been very invaluable 4) i just love raw power and speed and a godly amount of it more then i know what to do with it i had one book that i was reading from barns and noble and when i get some more money i will buy it and start reading it. it told me what i had a feeling for a long time since i embarked on this quest it said that the more power full system you get the more speed you will have but at this point i think everything as the same. that sir is what you taught me but i just love raw power now you have me hamster word that i will not consider me self a hamster god or anything like that but i just want to make sure that i will have nothing to fear when trying something. p.s. oh btw sir i telling you the holy hamster truth
  15. well you know that's the type of person i am been dreaming like that since i was a kid to be a very forgiving person when i grow up it just drives me nuts when common since is not used but as with everything else that's just the way it is
  16. of course i am walnuts been walnuts since i was born
  17. lazy here is my wish list again done some updates some changes the case fans i am wanting best of the best fast air flow the net work card because i will have 2 pcs running online pci slot coolers will be for vid cards to keep em cool and i will not be using ati cards ether i love to hear very good sound for the sound card blue ray because it is that good why such a huge hard drive is because i am going to be doing projects for the power supply so that i have power to power everything and then some more i heard a story not to long ago that if you have lots of power your pc runs very good why so many power splitters is so that i have spares and if someone in my house hold needs some i can give them some the fan controller is very good and should i need to add 6th fan it will cover that the case so that should i need to upgrade i will not have to worry about buying another case its big and has big fan slots i was shown a example of how big it is but not its self but another case at micro center the paste it looks cool the battery i just love to have power the mobo vid cards core ram and the battery i will be saving to last this system that i am going to be making will not just be fore this game but for other games as well and what ever else i need it for
  18. lazy please forgive me i changed my mind was not reading my info good enough i will be going after a 775 socket
  19. yeah i am going after 771 i was looking at the list earlier does 771s run cooler or something then 775s do?
  20. now i do got 2 ideas and here they are now i am wanting to go with the one that pushes 111.73 CFM on the air flow but i would like to hear anyone's thoughts on this for both ideas
  21. also what else can keep a cpu core very cool or it is only heat sink and fan?
  22. ty sir once again your help has been invaluable
  23. sir is nvidia the way to go here before long it seems or is sounding like it is but i am sure i am wrong in this thinking or am i?
  24. how much money you willing to spend? the sky is the limit