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  1. i need a program that uses frame time to measure speed for kph i like to know how fast i am going when i am driving a tank or a aircraft in this game
  2. all the way i made a account tried to upload videos onto it but it would not stick it is fraps videos i am uploading
  3. its working now i got my videos uploaded
  4. sir your fine nothing wrong with that
  5. that's the thing sir fire fox and ie just sits there
  6. is there some sort of video converter that i could use that utube will like with out ruining the quality and speed of the video?
  7. the videos are in avi format
  8. they are like under a min if not at a min and when its uploading the bar is all the way to the right side but it just sits there
  9. ok i picked up the g5 a few days ago and no problems what so ever winxp 32 bit edition amd 2.1 ghz 2 gigs of pc3200 ati x800
  10. glad you ask that sir i do have plans to make one here soon i just got to get rap up with the atging stuff for the allieds atr is on my next list of things to do
  11. everest also a pretty reasonable program to use as well it tells you what memo type you have and speed its running
  12. to true sir i feel thats a good thing LOL
  13. i also use everest it tells me way to much about my pc but it is cool as hell
  14. in both of my post's here i am sure i am wrong but that's what i have heard
  15. i am also thinking when unity 2 comes into play then i am betting them settings will work then this is a huge guess out of the darkness i am sure i am wrong but that's what i am thinking it would make since that it would
  16. i have not tried that yet at them settings i think i have come across some players saying this game loves to work in 1024 by 768 i think its limited by the current gameing engine we are useing atm
  17. i have come to learn not to trust the game settings when you click on them buttons i have been told by one of my buddy that this works on a 32bit vista still waiting on him to get back with me if it has worked out good or not
  18. sir what i would recommend is set your video card to performance and then i will post my settings i have for the game here also you can run 2 accounts off the same system. you do not need to worry about doing a 2nd install for a 2nd account to give you a ideal here is my system specs amd core running at 2.1 ghz 2 gigs of pc 3200 400 mhz ram and a ati x800 and i am getting any where around 25 to 35 fps is some areas if there is a lot of stuff around in light areas i am getting like 45 to 55 fps when running both accounts
  19. if your going to be that close you need to be in the 1st zoom slight the far slight as i call it and you need to watch the impact the sparks of where your round made might have also needed to aim a little bit higher to on the bullseye if your useing a pak38 or a pak 40 you want to use the tip of the triangle if you at 100 meters or less at times you will need to use the little triangles to the right of the main one depending of where your seeing the sparks comeing from. if you in the pak36 it can be pretty hard to do at that range you want to be at least 300 meters out and useing the 400 meter cross hairline if you can't go out at that range just use the 400 meter cross heir and PREY that you can kill him you also want to be in the 1st zoom slight not the 2nd one
  20. all of me spots here are based 1 one shot kills to
  21. oh and it is a all open forums so you don't have to worry about registering
  22. sir you can find more uptodate info on my forums site here covers more sapper info and more atg/panzer spots please feel to ask me anything here make sure before asking me that you read everything if there is something that is not covered in my notes on me forums ask me then
  23. ok i told this to a bud and forgot to mention this as well my card is a ati x800 and what i have my card settings its self set to is performance after when i did this my fps grew some more but i also have a bottom of the food chain system. when i told this to a buddy he said his fps improved i told him to check his fps before applying my settings here for the game and see if it improves some more he is running vista 32 bit home premium what type of vid card he has invidia card i will find out what that is here in a while