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  1. going to throw my 2 cents in 1st: what is all of you gents os? 2nd when i was useing the G5 at one point in this game had zero issues with it i was even able to use logitech settings in the game not the os settings 3rd my logitech software at that time was fully updated 4th my os was at the time win xp home edit 32 bit edit i hope this will or might help you all some
  2. i know this is not the topic here but i am going to say it anyways i rather go with a custom build and have a lot more stuff in my pc then rather going for a prebuilt build and then have something that might fail. now i am not saying all prebuild systems are like that but when your customizing on any web site it can get really expensive very quickly now in my quest for a gameing rig it is costing a fair bit to but its i fell much funner to pick your parts and then at least you know what your rig might be able to do. i am sure i am wrong but only reason why i would be wrong is unless you know cores, vid cards, ram, everything in and out of a pc now i would say i know some things not everything but i am getting there i will say this much i know a lot more then what i did like 6 or 7 years ago. *sorry for going off topic*
  3. go with intell from here on out bro amd slowing fading into history unless nvidia can come up with a new amd core.
  4. oh i see tya for telling me i just work on simple terms that's what it felt like of what i was dealing
  5. kenai yeah joker is right i did the same thing did it my own way and notice a pretty good rise of my fps them settings there that i have in screen shot format is designed for performance. but if it works on vista i got no idea i hope someone will take the time that uses vista both on 32bit and 64bit will make such a post for maximum fps to help other vista users both new and old players for this game it will help out a lot i feel thats my 2 cents
  6. microsoft mice no longer usefull to me any more they are very picky so i am looking into logitech i have used the g5 before its very nice but i do like the lightweight very flat and very easy moveing mice. i also like wired not wireless and one that will carry into game i would not mind getting the g5 again but atm i don't foresee me haveing that type of money to spend seeing how i am trying to save money for my next system. i am looking at bare minimum of 35 bucks and nothing higher then 55 bucks USD i know i could be looking at new egg and that's where i would buy anything that is pc related. just wanting a good mouse with good software that is going to carry into game i just hope that other logitech mice and there software will carry into game but to what end i got no idea while working the g5 and its software was totally awesome what size case fans of the case xaser3 are? that good? is there any type of wiring that i need to look into that i can spit from the power supply cables that i can use to maximize airflow and that will not get in the way of it. here is what my new wish list is from new egg is i am not looking at saveing money i want to have the best of the best i know i am missing ram, mobo, vid cards, core saveing all that last what else does a computer need to make it function that i don't have listed here?
  7. well sir like i said i am not to all sure how well it works on vista but it might work and then again it may not and my honorable pals here joker and lazy them guys know there stuff pretty damn well hereto answer your question i notice back in the day when i had sse 2 on i would ctd once in a short while each time i was logged onto the main server ever since i turned it off i have not been doing it as much. it does happen to me every a great once in a while 9 times out of ten when i got to log is when my AAR is pending i sit there for like 2 or 3 mins i got to reboot the game. at times i got to log in twice before the game runs normally again ll other times i just ctd and just have to relog in once and i can continue to play again once more, joker: to answer what you was saying about the ram deal ty for backing up my thinking i feel totally much better about telling others about this now i was not all to sure but what you just said in your last 2 post here just confirmed my thinking once again tya for telling me
  8. lazy not trying to sound dumb or anything but when addressing like duo cores and quad cores is that like another way of saying having 2 pcs in one or 4 pcs in one?
  9. another thing i keep hearing more cases about Vista causing this game to crash a lot of ctding (crash to desktop) game locking up or freezing not being able to log in after a few tries in my option Vista has yet to be fully stable like win xp is don't get me wrong it is getting there but still has a good while to get there. to quote a buddy of my's has said this in a email about vista
  10. also another thought here i don't know if sound makes any different but i like to think it does but to be honest i have not notice any difference *sorry about that thought i had the right screen shot*
  11. going to throw my 2 cents in here1) seeing how you got a new vid card what i would do if i was in your place is a) set your vid card for performance play around with the settings on the training server and monitor if your fps drops or gains really best way to squeeze every possible amount of fps you can get from your card c) test all settings when your testing your fps so that like i said in b to get the best amount of fps you possibility can get from your vid card d) i am a performance whore i love to see whats going on around me and not like be slutter or lagging like mad crazy 2) a lot of players say here that your core how fast it goes and what type of vid card you have and how many you have will determine what your fps is *i also like to think the amount of ram you have is also a good thing to have as well but that's just me* 3) here is a example of what my settings are set to my OS is win xp home ed 32 bit i am not all to sure how well this will run on any of the Vista 32 bit eds or the 64 bit versions
  12. what about this mobo here?
  13. even this quad core?
  14. i find that my cyborg evo works very well in this game have not had 1 problem sinces i started playing this game with it
  15. is there better comeing out soon?
  16. lazy what about this card?
  17. he is in the ww2 mode again but his account is not full it was running off of a trail how can he get a cd key so he can active his account and that his account is genuine? *this is not a poly for me to have another account my buddy is truly wanting to come back to the game*
  18. i don't know if this will help any but i am guessing how powerfull your system is may very but what i like to do is put my new work route to secondary it should help with the fps i don't know if this will help your problem directly but thought i would throw this in
  19. hello everyone there is a nice program i use from time to time when i am trying to figure out stuff its call everest tells you the specs of your system in great detail i am sure lazyboy has better but it really is not a bad program i have been useing it for a good few years now and i love it but hear out lazy boy he knows his stuff pretty well
  20. case fans
  21. well i know i have been on this area of the forums many times asking about system builds and i thank you all so very much for being very patient with me each time i revisit this subject. to be very honest with you all i care less about how much stuff is going to cost me that's why i am wanting to go after a super high performance gameing rig. not just only for this game but also for any other game that's out there that i might enjoy besides this one i don't want to go after alien ware or omen systems i know that's what i could do but i want to learn how to build a gameing rig from the ground up. yes i do have something loose in my hamster thinking i have always been walnuts but this stuff about computers its just very interesting to me and i love computers with a passion as well as online gameing that's the kid side of me. the computer owns my soul as far as the fans are i go to sleep very well with white noise i am very much use to white noise and it helps me sleep better don't ask me why it does that to me is just does pure quietness iis very disturbing to me. what i wanted to know is if them fans are good for the air flow when it comes to water cooling i got no ideal how to do it fourth more i don't like water being inside a case when the pc is on i feel that there is just something wrong with that. not saying that water cooling is a bad thing i think its a brilliant ideal but atm i have a very hard time foreseeing what use i could put it to now if i was going to be like a over clocking whore then yes i would fine a use for it and i will do such a thing at some point but much later down the road i just want to learn the basics atm.
  22. what do all think about this?