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  1. so speed has nothing do with it?
  2. well i would think that the price that's higher would mean better
  3. how about this one?
  4. is there any music editing software out there that can fiter out words of a song like a singer but leave the song intact the music its self?
  5. no its from a song that i would like to make a ingame movie soon
  6. hello i am ctding like mad crazy every 20 mins i got 2 gigs of pc3200 and ati x800 speed is 2.0 gigs amd core am i am going mad crazy it did not use to do this before 1.28.5 but now i am i have never ctded this much little to none at all
  7. i am haveing the same problem i just tried to log into the game twice
  8. atm with the way jobs are very hard to come by now and days in the US i get a government check its not a whole lot i can do atm so i will get right to the point. i have ati x800 card its not a bad little bugger and it has served me very well in this game but i would like to have a little bit better been looking at new egg for cheap agp ati cards and well here is some linkage i am also looking at this one my system specs are: speed AMD XP 3000+ running at 2.1 gigs ram 2 gigs of pc 3200 400 mhz speed operating system XP 32 bit mode agp slot i think i am running at 8x speed let me know if i need to add any other system spec
  9. oh ok its working now every time i tried to spawn last night it will just drop me
  11. this is what i have my settings on and i don't get bad fps in heavy areas but heavy super areas i can't do it
  12. i just wonder if they are trying to pass the buck i really don't see how they are hurting for money though
  13. yeah that's true just was wondering about it and if others might have a few ideals would say though if it would work could you just image what your FOV would be like?
  14. yeah i think i am going to wait for the 9800 GTX to come out grab 2 of em and hook em with SLI i play other games besides this one i wonder if there will be a ultra version as well if there is one i will fore go the 9800 GTX and wait for the ultra version
  15. hey lazy what about this company try one of there head phones for ww2 online and it was like really loud but very clear i could hear foot steps some what far away i could even hear quite beddys with there quite engines
  16. or do any of you know way more better?
  17. oh here is my mobo i am getting until i see better coming out my os will be windows xp
  18. what about this one lazy?
  19. all though me mr lazy and mr xan has been around and around and around this from time in time out and you have my huge thxs from you both you guys are the damn best and god bless your souls or what ever god you worship this is my choice of what i want to have for my next system this may be more money then anyone can count but i feel it is to powerful for its own good which i consider a very good thing and if your going to go with that you want a case something like this this case is huge and it can fit from what i counted up to 13 120 mm fans well that's my 2 cents
  20. everyone i know i was asking a few months ago about a new system but stuff keeps changing i have also learned a few things since then and well just to let you all know a few things here: 1 is i am waiting on the new mobos that will support not only SLI abilities but also that will support DDR3 ram memo. i have looked on new egg and some company web sits such as evga and asus. i also need to know what them things are called that can control the speed of your fans i guess like some kind of monitoring system. i am going to post a link and i need for you all to tell me what stuff i am missing from my list in order to make a complete system that will function the way my current system does. now mainly what i am saying is stuff that will allow me to turn my computer on and it will work. i need to know if a water cool system will be needed for the type of parts that i have in my system if you feel i do please speak up about it. to be honest i would not mind staying with normal fans and all but i don't want a system that's going to melt its self apart because it has nothing to cool down with. please also bare this in mind this system is not just going to be for ww2 online it will be for other games as well. and for the sake of argument i do agree with all points of view about the type of processor i have but i like it is very powerful and its to fast for its own good and that's why i love it
  21. well i am going to see how well it does at stock speeds and then i will over clock it some yeah i can just get an ideal how loud its going to get but that's ok i am use to white noise anyways