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  1. thx delems. was overly tired last nite & guess just never thought of the ctrl-y. often the simplest thing. sorted
  2. nayone else? or else its probly my end
  3. restarted 3 times & looked in settings, minimap checked. maybe something i did yesterday, but cant get the minimap back up.
  4. anyone know the solution to the problem with ATI drivers installing then causing BSOD on reboot with win7? spent the last day looking online but after trying lots & lots of "fixes" that didnt work still get the blue screen when rebooting after installing drivers. anyone had similar problem?
  5. same problem, when i load up all i get is black screen now, i messed around clicking & can hear when i click the box u normally do when u login
  6. `cant even get into game now, when i load up all i get is a black screen. any ideas? edit: have reinstalled game etc. rebooted but still just black screen when loaded
  7. thanks lure am installing it now, will chek er out. also been looking at the ATI 5770 & will probably get it next week anyway for when 1.31 comes out
  8. im gonna get a new graph card this weekend mainly cus i want to use fraps & make lots more videos. my fps is good but not good enuf with the card i have while using fraps so anyone have any suggestions who uses fraps & gets good fps?