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  1. How many VW Beetles is one Leopard-1 worth? -Z5KLO9kz18
  2. Bonus: Fairey Swordfish with JATO. Video link
  3. I don't know, but I'm going to guess it's a removed aircraft gun on an improvised mount. The drum doesn't seem like any German AA weapon of the time, so it might be a captured piece.
  4. Someone doesn't understand fleets-in-being.
  5. Apparently, it wasn't a photoshop/mockup all this time, after all. The J-31(?) will likely play the same role to the other new Chinese fighter, the J-20, that the F-35 does to the F-22--smaller, more ground-attack focused, theoretically cheaper. Without a VTOL requirement, they've been able to use two engines and not have odd volume reservation problems. Time will tell.
  6. We bent the limits of the term "destroyer" once, we can do it again.
  7. Timelapse of ~1/3 of the hull being wheeled into place on the ways. You can really see the tumblehome shape in cross-section. mwfLunTLlJc It's weird to think of these things as actually existing as anything other than artists' concept paintings after so many years of planning.
  8. We should have been replacing everything, all along. The Fleet of Samples is a better problem to have than bloc obsolescence. Some of the Perry's job is going to be carried by the LCS, whether the navy intends it or not. But there won't be enough of them, even in a gleefully optimistic budget environment.
  9. How to tell when you're old: when a warship you remember being commissioned as the hot new technology goes to the scrapper. USS CROMMELIN (FFG 37) 31 OCT 2012 USS UNDERWOOD (FFG 36) 15 FEB 2013 USS CURTS (FFG 38) 27 FEB 2013 USS CARR (FFG 52) 15 MAR 2013 USS ENTERPRISE (CVN 65) 15 MAR 2013 USS KLAKRING (FFG 42) 22 MAR 2013 USS REUBEN JAMES (FFG 57) 30 AUG 2013 USS COWPENS (CG 63) 31 MAR 2013 USS ANZIO (CG 68) 31 MAR 2013 USS VICKSBURG (CG 69) 31 MAR 2013 USS PORT ROYAL (CG 73) 31 MAR 2013
  10. As I understand it, it usually happened the other way around: the recoil from the gun would knock out the missile guidance.
  11. That doesn't sound anything like Alameda. It's a sleepy little town with no energy for any of that Berzerkeley foolishness.
  12. You know, the hard part of that is going to be finding a model of that year Civic.
  13. No one will be seated during the thrilling Piper Cub attack! SFGhY88hOnI
  14. It's now even more official: AviationLeak link
  15. IIRC, the F136 was developed in-house, purely on speculation.