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  1. Xoom, I've been playing since August 2001 (only been unsubbed a few months in the time frame since) and I guess you could call me an Old Fan Boy now. I would just say that to go to a FB-only 'forum' would be awful. I am a member of several groups some personal and some work related and my phone is constantly asking me to check FB for the latest piece of info . . . most of the time I've already seen the post and most of the time it is entirely meaningless info that's not worth my time. I don't even want to contemplate what ours would look like. I'm a member of the present FB group, got lucky with an invite from a squaddie, but I don't always see things that are posted and FB resorts them. Granted, I'm a total FB n00b but that is really by design because I hate that platform but that's a rant for another day. The forums have low activity posting, would be interesting to know if you are tracking the lurkers of which I am one. You can't artificially gin-up excitement that has be organic . . . I know that you have watch parties on FB. Can you now post the link here so help drive visits and questions on those threads? There are a lot of holes in the knowledge bank for the new player - our wiki is old and outdated. That's CRS' fault and I realize you don't have the time to notate everything but that has been a HUGE weakness since Day 1 and, at times, the WW2OL community has stepped up like gang-busters to provide credible and insightful info and tools for the new and old player alike. WW2OL is like a fine wine as despite the dents and flaking paint, it has acquired a certain patina that draws the gamer in once they understand how the systems work and the creativity/flexibility they have within the arena. NEGATIVITY / LACK OF RESPECT - if those peeps can't/won't dial it back down . . . hit 'em with the ban hammer (I imagine you have a pretty set of guidelines to determine how long someone gets sent off). I would rather have a dead or slower paced forum than hearing incessant gripes. I am fully aware of the flaws in our game, I'm told by buddies that I've know for years and I would say . . . that at this point in my life as much as I enjoy history, functional realism, I come here for meeting old and new acquaintances. This is my old bar that has occasional 2 for 1 bashes, all you can eat buffets, as I don't necessarily come here for the planes, trains, and opels but I log in hoping to see an old friend who I can give a lift to a forward base or run security behind their tank from dastardly zooks and sappers. All the while catching up on what's the latest in their lives . . . CRS 1.0 always thought it was the GAME that was paramount but what they never really understood (in my opinion) is there was such a thirst for such a game space such as this that we would lovingly accept it patches, warts, and all that we became a rock-solid community. I know you know how great the community is but don't think that is a blank check to draw upon. We've paid for years, decades even, with a child-like hope of the future; that our game would burst forth to take its place where it has always belonged - at the top with it's large battles and open expanses. As the Chief of CRS 2.0 keep that vision and flame of what a social experience WW2OL is . . . I've met friends, not avatars, across the globe because of this arena. That's something that was a welcomed side-effect. Yes, some of the grumpsters act like 20-year jilted lovers because this model doesn't work the correct way, or how THEY think it should etc but I am hoping that with the continued advancement of the game that some of the un-subbed vets will return as well as the Steam Kitties, too, as we need all aspects of our community to allow the game to continue. I don't agree with all the planned changes re: the road map but I'm ecstatic that there is still a road for this awesome game. Keep the forums, drive content to it, encourage others to post their content here, etc . . . Don't pull the plug on these forums. That's shutting the doors on most of the playerbase I reckon. Keep grinding, CRS, it is appreciated but tread carefully here. All our social lives depend upon it. tex ps - I upgraded my account to HERO of the Republic of Texas this week once the Mrs signed off pss - Of course, I prepped the groundwork with a wonderful squad video of the Iron Wolves 10th Anniversary to set the stage (but don't tell her that!)
  2. If you are new to the game there's NO ONE better to work with with than BRUTUS. Passionate about the game, patient, and knowledgeable. Plus you, as the gamer, get to see how the game really works and how YOU can not only make a difference on the local battlefield but on the STRATEGIC level, too. Your Uncle, King, Ghost of Napoleon, and the Bohemian Corporal (with a little Il Duce) need Y-O-U at the front!! Wish all the new interested parties the best, tex
  3. Thanks, Big!
  4. Anyone going to post some screenies? I was too busy being strafed as an HT, LOL. The Logistics Section motto is from the Latin phrase "Being strafed by Allied Air".
  5. You could designate some Marines (who had rifles, like Revolutionary War) and the rest of the rifles have to empty their weapons and frags by firing away prior to boarding the freighter. Each side declares their marines to the other side so if someone gets shots by SneakyDood1 and he's NOT on the Marine list -- he's a cheater. In regard to being completely stopped prior to boarding - no need. Your freighter can maintain connection with a winched object while the freighter is moving at a MAX speed of 9kts. As soon as you hit 10kts, the connection is broken. Strange idea but it could be fun but I suck at close-quarters combat so I'm a definite KIA if I attend.
  6. The Iron Wolves, an off-shot of GrossDeutschland - A Day One Squad, are still kicking about. Founded 12/25/01.
  7. That's what it's all about . . . showing and reminding how great this game is. Well done RATS and all who participated.
  8. Alright, just got approval from teh Boss - LOL. TEX64 will be there - texas1964@hotmail.com. Sign me up for ARCHER (artillery) and if needed, GLADIUS (logistics).
  9. I knew I should have typed Stug3b.
  10. I may be able to attend . . . interested in artillery or logistics. What kind of artillery are you asking for Mortar, Stug3, or StuH42?
  11. Love it!! You are entering a construction zone . . . reduce speed and proceed with caution.
  12. Love me some freighter hauling . . . have died meters from England before with all slots filled. The freighters need 8+ slots instead of the present 4, speed/toughness, and more AA. Heck, I know its fantasy land stuff because freighters are slow and easily sunk historically BUT you really can't stop EA from getting thru to their objective. There is no fear of death and the AA guns can't engage or knock down the planes to prevent them from damaging / sinking the freighter. Ergo . . . the freighter has got to be ahistorical .
  13. I am about to toter off to bed while reading this thread . . . . We have to give the attacker the latitude to attack from multiple angles or using ruses or techniques to confuse the enemy otherwise you are asking the attackers to be forced into a monolithic conga-line of men and equipment which pads the defenders stats and heavily discourages the use of WW2OL's greatest strengths which is a huge sandbox to do as you wish, attack/defend as you wish. In some of the large cities they are captured in zones ; meaning the defender can maintain ownership but the attacker has a ZOC over a particular section, iirc. I understand the frustration of a few motivated individuals capping depots deep within a city but that's been an issue since 2001. You could have each section of a city divided into for example 4 ZOCs (E/W/N/S) and if a city is large enough to have a substantial city 'center' you would have a circular/hexagonal ZOC that touches all the remaining ZOCs and is UNCAPPABLE until at least TWO city ZOCs are owned by the attacker. For spawning purposes, the ATTACKING commander must declare a mini-AO (Axis assault ZOC A in Town X) - nothing terribly unusual or exciting about that BUT maybe if sufficient peeps join the mission it triggers the system to allow a SECOND mini-AO at Town X where the ATTACKING commander selects ANOTHER ZOC to assault and spawn from once captured. None of this info is available to the DEFENDING forces - why should it? There MUST be an element of suprise. Once two ZOCs are ATTACKER owned, no matter the mission population, the third mini-AO becomes available. Does he strike for the city center or another ZOC; further enveloping the city? If all ZOCs are ATTACKER owned, the city center LOSES supply links and only has X number of troops/equipment to spawn from their remaining depots (not all remaining non-attrited units). This accurately depicts the lack of cohesive forces to repel a successful attack once encircled. If an attacker has been successful and 100% encircled his opponent - history shows that a VERY HIGH percentage of those battles end with the defenders defeat. There may be a break-out from the encirclement (EX: The DEFENDING forces recap a ZOC - allowing X% of non-attrited units to become available at an FB - NOT available for immediate spawning at the newly acquired ZOC.) The defender cannot magically have a 180^ reversal of fortunes without having to remass available units at an FB and counter-attack to retake their town. There HAS to be consequences for LOSING critical areas. It just like losing or allowing your enemy to gain the high ground . . . you can't [censored] about being suppressed by heavy fire into your AB or spawnable depots from hull-down armor when you either neglected to defend or were forced off the high ground. There will be 'winners' and 'losers' in any contest. We ALL want to win but I think most of us enjoy a good slugging match win/lose/draw, too. I do agree the present gamer has a great deal of recon information with which to react and determine the current battlefield situation (the anti-fog of war for sure) but I'm not sure the elimination of skulls, removal of icons, etc is good for the overall game. Technically, we should all be stumbling around with no voice comms and following the familiar colored uniform while desperately trying to stay 'alive' so we don't have to run 2km just to get back into the fight. You want to get really twisted? Someone recently suggested that we eliminate ground contact reports so they are no longer visible to the pilots mission maps UNLESS appropriately marked by a ground-based liaison trooper. This means that without that specific target location EA will have to personally recon over a hot area - encouraging more flak or enemy fighter interdiction. I very much appreciate the skill and passion of our pilots in game but ground-based units can't engage fast moving targets and win - the best they can hope for is a trade. Anyway, that leads to another rant . . . LOL!
  14. Agreed!