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  1. Good stuff, well done!
  2. Agreed!
  3. I still remember Pruitt's Axis Trucker Union for resupply. Good times!
  4. Agree on the French kit, my reference material gave deference to the French models of development but the nomenclature in the text (for the large caliber) was all USA hence how I added it in my spreadsheet. No offense to Brandt as his design was a great leap forward that everyone copied. In the GE & USSR sections, they heavily referenced copying of the French 120mm. I omitted the 120mm mortars as the 6000m range is a little extreme for the present game, imho. Updated a few typos on my spreadsheet, thanks, tex
  5. Okay, #3 has been stricken. More thoughts, ideas, and feedback needed . . .
  6. Here are my thoughts, what are yours? Just some thoughts on what I would like to see added or developed once we are beyond 1.36: 1. Mortar Development Expanded development of mortars and allowing indirect fire be more effectual with range and lethality. We should have an indirect fire gun to engage the enemy at ranges beyond 500m. Weight Bomb Weight Range Range – Special Rounds Variants Country Equipment Calibre Lbs Kilos Lbs Kilos HE Smoke Illumination Heavy Unique 1 Unique 2 Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 FR 50mm Modele 37 50mm 15oz 0.43 460m 460m FR 60mm M2 60mm 43.43 19.7 2lb 14oz 1.3 1000m 1000m 950m FR M1 (US lease) 81mm 136 62 6.87 3.11 3290m 1000m M46 Heavy HE M56 Heavy HE M57 WP M3 HT (mounted) hand cart GB SBML 2-inch 50.8mm 1.02 457m 457m 457m GB ML 3-inch, MK II 81mm 126 10lbs 4.54 1463m 1463m 1463m GB ML 3-inch, MK V 81mm 126 10lbs 4.54 2515m 2515m 2515m UC (dismounted) GB SB 4.2-inch 106.7mm 1,320 599 20 9.07 3018m 3018m UC (dismounted) US 50mm Modele 37 50mm 15oz 0.43 460m 460m US 60mm M2 60mm 43.43 19.7 2lb 14oz 1.3 1000m 1000m 950m US M1 (US lease) 81mm 136 62 6.87 3.11 3290m M46 Heavy HE M56 Heavy HE M57 WP M3 HT (mounted) hand cart GE 5cm leGrW 36 50mm 30.8 14 1.98 0.9 520m GE kz 8cm GrW 42 8cm 58 7.72 3.5 1097m 1097m 1097m Target marking airborne GE 8cm schwere GrW 34 81.44mm 125 56.7 7.72 3.5 2400m 2400m 2400m Target marking 250/1 2. Armor Recovery Vehicles (ARVs) Allows for RTB/RES on tracked, engine damaged, and flipped tanks: Successful mission allows for DECREASED supply ticket (XX% reduced from standard supply ticket - maybe even the HIGHER the Tier vehicle, the GREATER reduction in the ticket as more important vehicles would be priority repaired in the rear area) Recommended ARVS: M32A1B1 for the Allies (modeled after the M4A1 but for development purposes may I suggest the M4A2 lower hull) and the Berge Pzkw IV for the Axis as a universal ARV for all Axis platforms (including the Tiger). It's ahistorical, I know, but we already have the running kit in game so an inexpensive development cycle. No need to have to model the Panther to get to the Berge Panther or the Sdkz 9s and gang them together. Use of the AFV crane/hoist - no need to worry about a transport trailer, etc as we can carry the AFV on the hoist for the RTB. I have tested the strength of the hoist using a freighter and another AFV in an unsecured position. I can maintain a connection to the lifted piece equipment AND sail at a speed of 9 knots (16.67 kmph) indefinitely but as I approach 10 knots of speed I lose the connection. I have tested this multiple times on the training server. 3. Flamethrowers Using the same development lines of thought as the smoke shells from AFVs (fire/ignite the stream) but would obviously need it to cause damage Must have the ability to fire and move (no-LMG type restrictions) Friendly Fire for this unit would have to be ON so a separate class, maybe, Extremely rare unit but a terrifying unit when used appropriately. 4. Suggested UI Improvements / UI Short-Cuts In the new UI we should include the LAT/LON of an object, tag, or contact report when we hover over it. This is really important as we develop different weapons for indirect fire Use of .alt = what is my present altitude (you would know your altitude in relation to sea-level. This is helpful for indirect fire. Use of .alt HAYBES = you would know the altitude of the city you are about to bomb, etc versus having to consult your City chart. Use of .grid = what is my present LAT / LON versus having to use the Map Informational page and looking at a particular field. Use of .grid PLAYER1 = what is the present LAT / LON of PLAYER1 (similar to a .join command) 5. Contact Report Dispersion It would be nice but not sure how it would work but can we build in a dispersion for contact reports? Everything gets laser-marked now which was certainly not the case back in WW2. I am a huge advocate of the contact report but all you need is one set of Mark I eyeballs to ruin your day as your opponent spawns the super-sappah/shrek-zooka or Thor's Spar of DB7 to rain lightning down on you. There is a certain randomness now to the contact report but an experienced player can provide such an accurate mark that one feels like your fighting a 2019 war with a 1940 skin. 6. Ingame Navigational Aids This is primarily for the Navy boys as they need a good way to map out a good route to their target, the number of nautical miles to reach their objectives, and a generic way to determine sailing time to the objective. A good tool is Sea-Seek provided by Google Maps that I played with the other night and thought would be a good out of game tool. 7. Server Tracked Fired Shells from Self-Propelled Guns &/or CS-type platforms This is really needed as CRS has developed AFVs that during WW2 provided direct and indirect fire. Factor in the heavy vegetation environment to include berms, bushes, and copses of trees, etc that platforms cannot fight as designed. I would estimate that the average engagement range for any gunned platform in WW2OL is at or under 500m. These are numbers that CRS should be able to pull from their data as Tank X at lat/lon XYZ is engaging TANK Y at lat/lon 123. By tracking the rounds, those platforms can fire at range while contributing to their sides efforts in a more realistic way than currently. This also clears the way for other platforms that carry other indirect fire platforms (EX: US M5 HT w/ mortar, howitzer, etc or GE 250/1 HT w/ mortar) Apologies for the long post, tex
  7. *dangles medallion and takes a deep breath* Hi, my name is Bob and I'm a builder. Support Group: Hi, Bob! Okay, these are obstacles which can be destroyed by HE from a tanks main gun. I am sure some PPOs have been inappropriately placed but I don't think there is an intent to wall off our own AB to prevent fellow gamers the ability to drive thru or around an obstscle. When I build anything that is tight for armor, I leave an avenue for their exit as well as a gun emplacement to cover that opening as a door opens both ways. I would hope that no one would unsub based upon another gamers post. If you choose to quit, that's on you. I hope you stay. Ian is a real good egg that I've known for over a decade. See you on the battlefield, tex
  8. It was late and the latest Allied assault had finally been repulsed. EWS was light so I was FRU hunting to make sure as an infantryman. LIUKL, in a Tiger, drove out to meet any re-incursion from one of several enemy FBs that linked to our town. Meanwhile, a Stuart tank had moved toward town, creeping and stopping. We had a general idea but not visual. Over the next few minutes, it became obvious the Stuart was stalking the Tiger. I'm running across the countryside and finally get a visual, marked the Stuart, and shot a quick PM to LIUKL. The Stuart moved forward but was quickly engaged. The Stuart rapidly retreated to a more defensible position but LIUKL continued firing and killed the Stuart. The Allied AO came down a few minutes later and we both moved to the Axis AO. LIUKL grabbed another Tiger and I tag-alonged in a Stug3G. He waited for me to catch up so we approached the town together. LIUKL had the overwatch position with elevation so I moved downslope into a shallow depression while still covering the main road to our front. LIUKL actively engaged multiple tanks and ATGs over the horizon from my position. Meanwhile, I stayed alert, ranged possible target lanes, conserving my limited ammo. We tag-teamed a Sherman and then LIUKL was killed. On my own, I was anxious. I rarely fight in AFV vehicles so I'm sweating. LIUKL quickly returned and placed a FRU next to my position for ammo resupply. I proceeded to throw a great deal of HE onto the bridge and its underpass to keep the Allies honest. Our infantry were heavily engaged in town and had capped the AB but two Allied spawn depots were available and they were spawning like mad per comms. I could hear a Panhard lurking in the bushes to my front but no visual yet. I oriented my gun and kept scanning. There! Target sighted, switch to gun - bah!!! Not enough traverse to the right, fire up the engines to reposition. And then the dance started as the Pan burst forward from the bushes and closed on my position. Driver, gear/throttle, commander scan, slew the gun . . . Pan changing directions as I responded to his movements. He's circling and within 100m, he's lining up for a shot as I snap a shot as he flashes by; hitting the engine where the Pan explodes a few seconds later. We lose the AB finally, cap one of their spawns but one remains and their numbers continue to overwhelm us in town. I have Sherman audio on my left flank, and a Stu pops out from the smoke at the underpass to my front. I'm worried but I hope to pop the Stu quick and locate the Sherm. I'm shooting upslope and my first round is short, two more rounds just go over the Stu's turret. BANG! Gunner and comander dead and I explode a few shots later. 57 minutes of fun-filled anxiety, a handful of kills (tanks, gun, couple of ei) and a solid grin on my face. All because I PMed a guy who I had fought in the same battles but never directly communicated with. LIUKL's support allowed for me to stay in the fight longer and to have some great fun. KUDO's, sir. That's what makes this game great and better than the others. The friendships and the grand canvas we have to play on are unmatched in MMO's. I just wanted to share this story when today there have been some impassioned opinions on the forums. I have my own hot takes but I would hope that despite our differences we can recognize that without the efforts of a mostly-volunteer organization our grand game would be long gone. We can have our disagreements but I hope that we are all united in wanting the game to continue. Take care and see you on the battlefield, tex
  9. There's a lot to unpack from BMBMs insight but the statement of how worthless the StuH42 / Cru IIICS, and Vickers are really jumps out. It begs the question, given the very limited resources, why CRS would even model the StuH & Cru CS versions at all. Furthermore, why is the Stug 3g modeled w/out the MG in the first place? Will that be a Tiered upgrade or will it just replace the existing 3g which leads me back to why it was modeled at all. Bah, I'm going to bed. I had fun ingame tonight so that's what I'm focusing on. Not how the 1's and 0's are arranged and by who does them. Good night. ps - I guess you were trying to sound enlightened, pithy, etc but when you give the examples of Side A (Lexus, sexy fruits, & gold) versus the Side B (Ford/Peugeots, fiber foods, Goodwill donation, & precious metal) - it just comes off wrong. It would not be a great lap to surmise how you feel about one side over the other. And I hate even typing the previous sentence because I would like to think that I'm pretty even-minded.
  10. Here is the woefully outdated Mortar 101 Guide that also addresses the vertical interval. It still has some good info but it's now over 10 years old. The "Bacon Strip" or Lateral Adjustment Guide is still fairly accurate but I need to do another battery of testing since the HE audit. I think we have more dispersion now but in other news - you can really make a tight smoke bank for concealment by moving laterally 1/4 tubes. Tactical smoke barrages need to be tight for concealment and there is skill in doing that. http://www.battlegroundtools.com/documents/Mortars_101.pdf The new ingame range tool is handy but there is something to be said for the sweat equity from the old days. There were several others who really laid the groundwork for success with mortars, I just took their hard work and added a tiny bit. Enjoy, tex
  11. Snappahead, SWIFTCUT was one of the few Jedi's in using the mortars for sure. He and anyone who joined him racked up prodigious kill amounts AND impacted the battlefield which for a mortar - well, that's saying something. Glad you liked the range chart that I developed with the help of fellow Iron Wolves. I was just looking for a way to cut down on keystrokes for range finding so we could focus on getting more HE and SMOKE downrange versus counting on our fingers & toes. !S, tex
  12. Is the freighter still plugging along at 15 knots? If so, why not increase it to the same speed (25 knots) as the fairmile? It may be ahistorical but having taken freighters across the channel for invasions . . . that is a looooooong trip to be sunk meters from shore. Yes, I still think about that mission, lol.
  13. I really hate tit for tat but there are more than one side to the 'story' re: the 60/40 argument. Is there no admission of US PT (TZ2?) where for years the Allies were over-pop and were on constant attack mode. You guys had the numbers and the kit to do it with so you brought the heat. My squad spent years during US PT just holding the line as best we could during the week and waited for the Allied playerbase to log around 11p EST or so so we could push back and hopefully reclaim what had been lost. Was that not good for the game? The largest contingent of customers for CRS is US-based so their gaming appetites were whetted M-Th with consistent offensive operation only on Friday /Saturday nights would there be push-back offensively from the Axis. Heaven forbid the Euro TZ get a chance to play on Sunday and roll some towns. Look, I know that I am biased - thousands of missions as AXIS and very few as Allied - but having played 18 years in this sandbox there is a history and a truth that exists and when peeps forget our history within the game and spout something different, I gotta come out of the woodwork and remind the present generation that there were YEARS of Allied overpopulation during US PT. I'm not crying about it, never have but it happened. The game is designed to 'capture the castle' and the unspoken joke (fear?) on the AXIS side is with the Allied kit in auto's (check the map to see how many FRENCH units are front-line - it's all US/BRIT), the massive numerical superiority in Allied armor, the Allied air strength with capable fighters (and the DB-7) . . . how your side struggles is not because of the equipment. Look in the mirror and it's not all about the numbers; it's the psyche of the gamer and his SINGULAR ability to spawn X gear and have a significant impact on the battlefield and there is the problem. My team of 3-star football recruits with a couple of 4-stars who are committed in the weight room, conditioning, game prep & execution will consistently whip a team of 4- & 5-star recruits who are more talented physically but have not learned the 'secret' to success which is unity as team, sacrifice of individual goals for team success, etc . . . it's on your television every Saturday in the Fall. And on your desktop, too. If this surprises anyone, my bad. I'm not trying to kick anyone but this game is tough and my K/D ratio is bleh . . . yet I keep coming back for more. Hope each of you do as well - Allied or Axis. !S, tex
  14. A couple of things: I cannot recall which CRS rep it was but they stated that the mortar HE shell had LESS explosive capability then the current grenades; hence less killing power. People dislike getting killed in game, period; how is being killed by INDIRECT fire any different than being killed via 'glide-bombing' . . . the individual 'recipient' has no ability to ward off the incoming bomb. Do we take away bombing in game, too? Of course not. I'm all for MORE indirect fire and tools to be more effective in delivering massive amounts of suppression on time and on target. I would love to see larger and more lethal mortars introduced into the game. The larger the platform = fewer in number and more in-field support to supply it with ammo, observation of fires, etc . . . A true combined-arms battle, which does NOT take place very often; particularly as AXIS due to the lack of survivability of our AFV platforms, should be violent/awesome, suppressive, and very irritating to the ingame opponent. That's what this game is all about. If it takes 30 minutes or 2 hours to capture the objective but there is carnage and coordination all around . . . yes, Side X may have gotten their asses kicked but there is recognition for a job well-done and you learn and adapt for the next battle. And so on, and so on. Plus, it was a helluva gaming session where you killed what you could, hoped to survive long enough to help your side either attack or defend at the FB or town. Question - why can't the Stug rounds be server tracked like mortar rounds? They are specifically designed for direct & indirect fire support and with the terrain and trees in game; not having that capability effectively neutralizes the platform. As a result, the Stug platforms have to get much closer than 'doctrine' which makes them very susceptible to enemy infantry and ATG fire. !S, tex
  15. 26 HE / 4 HEAT / 4 AP / 2 SMK . . . and yes, I drove out and place an ammo box before I spawned the unit so I could stay in the field just a little longer.