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  1. And due to some mechanism or whatever you can make the belt act like a treadmill and have it go the same speed as the forward velocity of the airplane (in an attempt to "cancel out" the velocity) ... Would the plane be able to take off?
  2. Gliders are a type of airCRAFT not airPLANE. A "powered" fixed wing aircraft is an airplane. This ain't my first rodeo son
  3. I'm part of the original OT crew popping my head in to say hello with the Welcome Back program. The old guard doesn't have access to the Off Topic sub forum with their free access so we've been instructed to post our general nonsense here during our stay. So I decided to start with an homage to the original "airplane vs treadmill" thread that i created waaaaay back in the day before it got internet famous. And anyone who thinks the plane can't take off is a fookin' prawn idiot
  4. How many posts did my original get to? I can't access it
  5. Release the game
  6. How would a treadmill stop the plane?
  7. /very long sigh
  8. Can someone delete this fun ruiner's heretical post?
  9. Never heard of you
  10. kill the masters
  11. Sounds stupid. Can you imagine having a bunch of posts at a knock off video game forum? Luls.
  12. **** do you know? (Assuming this is the foamer)
  13. Crazy to think I was involved with this game back in '99 ... /vomits politely in the corner as the insignificance of man and the expressiveness of time occurs to him
  14. I don't have permission to access this page. This vexes me
  15. That was the postcount AB had when he got banned. It is of absolutely no importance. Just looking at the colors on this board give me Tribal Wars flashbacks . . .
  16. Awww. I just realized I last updated my signature right after my Granddad died . . . right in the feels.
  17. Hahahahahahahahahahaha