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  1. Opps.... re-size and reload 10min max
  2. So are most war stories.... aren't you a smart one...
  3. Strength and courage to keep you going will lead us to victory. God bless and keep you safe. I left from a French base and returned to a French base in record time. This goes to show that if you put your mind to accomplish something you can get it done. Link to story on my website:
  4. On the bank I rest, I check my leg and it seems to be ok for now. I get back up on my feet. I go back to heading east. Now I can start heading a little south towards Zandvliet. I think I will play it safe and go wide to the east. Any more damage to my body and I wont wake up. I get well east of town and take another compass reading, its time to head south. Antwerp is so close compared to how far I have come so far. I can hear the faint sounds of Allied plains in the distance every once in a while. I see AAA fire from Antwerp in the distance. I’m getting close. I see Monty09; he is driving an A13 north to Zandvliet. I ask him if it’s clear, he says yes. I make my way slowly into Antwerp from the north. I know around any corner could be an enemy sitting there waiting to kill me. I make it past the north docks of Antwerp. I make it to the north army base in Antwerp. Do I dare try to make it back to French territory? I slowly and methodically make my way towards town. I make it across the river in north Antwerp. I will head down the coast towards south army base; there I hope to get across the bridge and head home. I look back to the river and see another enemy destroyer approaching the river mouth. Time to get moving again! I check with Headquarter only to find out the base I left from is now German. Breskens is German, now my trek will get longer. I must return to a French base. I make my way through the west side of Antwerp along the fence watching and waiting to hear or see a German unit. I have seen night and days come and go. This the second night of my trek home is growing weary in my bones, I long for sleep. I cross the bridge at south Antwerp, heading for French territory. I feel safer knowing I am back in Allied controlled land. I hike southwest heading back to French army base. Passing through Temse an ease of solidarity overwhelms me. I feel safer than I have in days. Although not back on total French controlled I shall make it. Crossing the bridge at Dendermonde I only have one more leg of my trip left. My next stop Zottegem, the nearest French town; I await the reunion of my fellow troops. I hope I have not been listed as MIA (missing in action). At many times during my trek through German territory I felt like the whole world was nothing but a minute in time. I didn’t know if I had the time or strength to make it back to my fellow Allied lands. Yet as I passed each enemy town, as I struggled past each obstacle I became more and more inclined to think that it just might work. I might just make it. Yet as I crossed the bridge in south Antwerp I found out my town of origin was lost to the Germans I was inclined to give up and let the British have my ammo and supplies. No I have come this far I shall go on. I shall make it back to French controlled area. I shall make it. Never shall I give up! If you feel after reading my story that you must give up just remember your fellow Allied troops need you and need your will to win. When you think it’s useless to return to base, do it! When you think that it’s impossible to do the task given. Do it, it will count. When you think you will cheat the enemy out of the kill by despawning, DON’T!
  5. I backtracked from the bluffs. Ourte2 radioed to me that his boat was sinking. Now I was back to hoofing it out. I pulled out my compass and checked my map. Set my course and started hiking east through enemy territory. I now approach my second water obstacle, a river. Now hot and tired and longing for sleep, the water was refreshing. Nice and cold it woke me up. I started across, growing more and more tired as I swam; I didn’t know how tired I was. Almost across I heard a loud noise. I turned and looked over my shoulder and low and behold an ENEMY DESTROYER! He was less than 50ft from me at full steam. Was this never going to end? All these close calls you might think I was a cat. He steamed right on by. I was lucky maybe the luckiest guy alive. Now wet tired and scared again I set out on foot. I was just running along the shore keeping my binoculars up, I watched the coast. I fell off the cliff onto the beach. I thought to myself I will not make this trek alive. There is no way; I have had too many close calls. I don’t have a medic pack! I grab a stick and fix my leg. I think it’s sprained or broken. I manage to get back on my feet. Now it’s going to take even longer to make it out. It’s time to get moving going to get out of here if it kills me. I slowly make my way toward the next obstacle, another river to cross. I make my way down the bank. I look down river out to the channel; I look north up the river I spot something moving. I retreat back to a bush. I look again. It’s another enemy destroyer. I patiently wait he passed like the rest. I cross, it really hard to swim.
  6. I radioed back telling them about enemy infantry making their way towards the dock. I was not in a good position to be using the radio and keeping cover. I moved to the open field but well hidden inside a good thick bush. I feel safer now can see all the way around me for a few hundred yards. Ok, now what am I going to do. They are calling for infantry to get the spawnable? I could make my way to the airfield that way if they take the spawnable I would be in position to take the bunker? I could fall back, stay in cover till more arrive? Listening to the radio I could hear my fellow Allies dieing. I had to do something. I chose to go the airfield; it was close to the enemy army base also. This would be the smart thing to do. Keep an eye on the army base and keep radio messages going out to troops on enemy airplanes taking off. WTF was that? I get out my binoculars start scanning the area. I see an EI making his way around to where I was. He must have seen me sprint to this bush. fried a round at him. Pull out my binoculars and look. He is just a pile of bleeding bones now. I bet he told his buddies before he fired at me. Well I better get out of here just in case that enemy soldier told of my where abouts. I made my way back to the coast. I skirted the water and made my way northwest. I kept looking over the ridge like to keep my bearing straight and eye out for EI. I stopped to grab a bite to eat; I was dog-tired but knew I couldn’t really stop yet so I scarffed down half a sandwich to keep my energy up. I peered up over the edge of the cliff; damn I spot two enemy rifles making their way towards my position. Lined up took the shot, dropped one in back. I knew they heard the shot so I quickly lined up for the second. I missed. I move a little more north so to throw him off. I quickly lined up, dropped him on the run. Now I was in trouble, this being the third enemy I killed. I made my way north up to the airfield. I slowly approached from the NW to the airfield keeping my eyes open for AI installments. I found a good bush to hide in. I spotted the enemies barracks. I counted my rounds and placed them for quick reach. I kept them at bay for at least an hour or so shooting them as the exited out of the army base. It was time to move again too much for this area. I made my way within two hundred yards of the airfield bunker. Keeping myself alert of any planes taking off as not to move when they fly over, that would be the end of my trek if they saw me. I found a good spot. Under some brush I sat up again. This time I was close enough to pick off some pilots as they started up their planes. I stayed there for at least thirty minutes. I counted my rounds. I was getting low on ammunition but I had this case of ammo I could give out but couldn’t get it open to use. No clue what headquarters were thinking about when they developed this? I called out to see if anyone was in the area. No response or reply from anyone close. I switched channels on my radio. I called out to my squad. TonyNCRD answered my call. He had lost his tank and returned to base. He radioed to me that he was leaving Zeebrugge to head over towards me for a pick up. I gathered up my stuff and made my way to the shore. Once I reached the shore I contacted him to set up a point to pick me up. We chatted as he took his Fairmile across the bay. I told him of two enemy destroyers steaming west from Bresken area. He made corrections to this information. As he was making his way over a British destroyer made his way on the west side of TonyNCRDs location. I guess the EDD saw this destroyer cause he open up his first volley short of the destroyer but close to TonyNCRD. TonyNCRD radioed that enemy airplanes were starting to get heavy around him. This was probably due to that British destroyer. TonyNCRD radioed to me again that his crew, all but captain, was killed from enemy Ju87. TonyNCRD still trying to get to me piloted his boat with his dead crew onward. About ten minutes later he radioed that the enemy destroyer had him sited. He was going down. Now I did not have a clue how to get to the mainland. I radioed to the allied troops and squad. They told me it was too heavy to sail. The only way I knew of to get out was hoofing it. I pulled out my map and looked it over for the shortest and easiest route. The only way as a foot soldier was going east. Crossing over the canal east of Gravenpolder, hiking south, southeast crossing two rivers and heading for Antwerp. Off I went. Hiking out was going to take patients and a lot of time. I had to crossing over into enemy territory and well into their lines to get out. I set out. As I was passed Gravenpolder I heard my radio, it was Ourte2 he heard my distress call. He was in a Fairmile and approaching the river east of town. Man was I relieved to hear this. As I approached the river Ourte2 radioed that he had visual on my position. I then searched for him; I spotted him and made my way towards him. Ourte2 radioed that it was getting hot and he was getting fired upon. I made my way to the bluffs over looking the channel. There I spotted about three hundred meters off the coast were two enemy destroyers. I froze. What to do? Where to go? Am I going to die now?
  7. Trek of the lonely forgotten Well it started off as just another Allied attack I heard the call for troops at Breskens and went to answer. Spawned in as French rifle and headed for the dock. I boarded the vessel and we sat sail for Vlissingen. Steaming across the channel watching all the Allied air does battle with the Luftwaffels, I could only imagine how long my life would be. Just one stray bullet from all those in that dogfight right there (pointing off the starboard side) could just end it all for me. This worried me; I then went below deck and awaited the orders to board lifeboats. I went down the long hall of the transport ship to the stairwell, down 4 flights of stairs into the bowls of the ship. I then went through the watertight bulkhead into the cargo hold. I saw a fellow squad member (Zbus) with his nice shiny new Hoskins 39. I check out his tank to make sure he was ok and good to go for the upcoming battle. He seemed worried as well. I told him I would stick close to him when we land. This made both of us more at ease knowing that I, as infantry, and he, as tank, could keep each other safe from enemy infantry once we land. We sat and waited talking about all the past missions we had been on. To keep the stress level to a minimum we smoked cigarettes and drank coffee. Infantry into the boats, ordered the captain. I told I made my way back up to the main deck. The salt air was refreshing after being in the bowls of this floating deathtrap. It has very little protection against enemy aircraft and even less against the likes of enemy destroyers. This I was glad the captain said to get into the boats. I went over to the aft starboard side where ten to twenty other men from different squads and some new cherries awaited. It was my turn to board; I reached for the boat and slipped on the deck. I fell, it seemed like a mile, and I hit the water. Now I am really in trouble. My heart raced, the water was freezing. I wasn’t that far from shore and didn’t think the captain or anyone else saw me fall overboard. I tread water for a few minutes trying to regain my composure. I started off towards shore. Man I hope none of those Fw109 flying watch over the coast don’t see me. I hope there are no snipers on the hills around the beach. These types of thoughts kept running though my head as I swam for shore all the thoughts of basic training kept my mind busy and off the thoughts of dieing. I made it ashore; thank god there were no sentries on watch. They would have seen me splashing all that water. I walked well sort of half crawled to the base of the hillside. I rested. I could see the transport making its way to the DZ. I hope Zbus would be ok. I don’t know if he or anyone else knows of my accident. I will just lay here for a few minutes rest and clean my rifle. Salt water will screw up the bolt faster than anything. I made my way up the hill stopping every so often so I could pull out my binoculars and look around. I defiantly don’t want to get jumped by some rooky out doing patrol. I made it up along the hard forest just west of the docks. I listen to my hand held radio of the assault they were making on the docks and the spawnable depot. I pulled out my map. Getting my bearings straight after all that has happed was a task in its self.
  8. On laptop via wireless... (No issues just for those who are looking for normal operations status- FYI located in Florida/Orlando/ATT DSL).
  9. Run wwiiol_netcheck? located in your CRS folder... run and post. Be sure all your windows updates (critial) are installed... also be sure you have latest drivers for your sound, video, network. If you have VIA chipset get the latest 4in1 drivers... Defrag those harddrives also, you should run defrag once a month... It is not easy trying to figure out what may be the issue without having access to your computer. I have helped several past squadmates using "Request Remote Assistance" through MSN Messenger...
  10. Nvidia has released new drivers today... upgrade your stuff. GeForce Driver Release 182 WHQLVersion:182.08Release Date:March 03, 2009Operating System:Windows XP, Windows XP Media Center EditionLanguage:U.S. EnglishFile Size:77.0 MB
  11. Set your resolution to your monitor... not to your video card. Find out what your max safe resolution for your monitor card is the set your video pref. to or just below that... Be sure your game is set as close without going over your video card settings...
  12. Just forget it then... not an important issue...
  13. Is it allowing you to play?... even though you are getting that message? If your not able to play try search for all WWIIOL, Playnet, Playgate files... erase all and download/reinstall game components... You might want to save your settings if you already have joystick or other components mapped out.
  14. Ok try this... Start... settings.... control panel... Windows Firewall....(tab) Advance... click on restore defaults. Tell me if it helps... When launching be sure to "unblock" program.