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  1. Got to Start/Control Panel/System/Advanced/Startup and Recovery/Settings/System Failure and "uncheck" Automatically restart.....put a check mark in the first 2 boxes,write an event log & send an administrative alert....this way when you get the "crash",we will have an error log to view & your computor won't just shut down to protect itself. [this is the path for WinXP......]
  2. Yes...alot of us did that trying to pick up a couple fps......go ingame & click on's User Interface & "enable" Tool Tips.....
  3. I think it was Doc that posted a few months ago,that if you want to do that you should spawn into one of the online training grounds to do fps comparisons.......that way you will be on the actual game server but would not have numerous players,etc. around you....& yes,they are a little hard to find.
  4. cmudaxp.sys is not a vid card's from C-Media sound setup. You are using an Auzintech X-Meridian sound card?? From postings about that card,their support suks......C-Media supplies them with drivers......go into DXDIAG & turn hardware acceleration OFF..........try that first & see if it helps your BSOD's. Here's a listing for some new drivers that maybe will help as you are not alone with people running that sound card......
  5. Do you know where to find the main directory?? Mine is C:/Program Files/CRS/Battleground Europe...get to that directory & double click on SETTINGS.exe......check & make sure that your video card is selected in that drop down box,connection is set to "best",& under sound make sure your sound card is set & not "primary sound driver"....also.....therz a small box near the bottom "run SSE2 executable".....if it's checked,uncheck it....if the box is greyed-out,then disregard. This is just to make sure your basic settings are set right. Are you running WinXP?? If so,are you getting any Windows errors at all?? Also,how much ram are you running & do you know how much you have free when you try to start the game. With the whole computor freezing,it really sounds like a hardware problem somewhere....especially if you are not getting Windows errors.
  6. Mailing you back again......i had to "extract" oalinst.exe first & then "run" it or i get the error massage about the .dll not found when i run the test .exe.....
  7. Does the game CTD after it freezes at the loading screen?? Or do you have to manually shut it down??
  8. Doesn't run for me either...error is missing alut.dll message is reinstalling may doesn't. Running a Plantronics USB headset/mic with my onboard C-Media disabled.
  9. Benjam...gerzerk is absolutely right about your vid card not having enough pipelines....i have an old AGP system that was running a 5700 couldn't handle looking thru binos either. i bought a vanilla 6800 & opened the pipelines further with the strap more fps loss looking thru binos...i'm running 16/5 pipelines now.
  10. AA & AF have never been in the game....go to your vid card properties to set those.
  11. Benjam:you need a better vid card.........period. I had the actual same problem lookin thru you've already tried disabling sound & it made no difference,see the sticky here on video was put together from alot of players input!!
  12. My CTHL-hell has mysteriously been absent also.......................
  13. LOL-teach me to post that my putor "cured" was once again CTHL hell!! I finally gave up when the "system" messages started coming up that the server was going down because of maintenance on their ISP!!!!!!!!! I sure hope that "cures" this nightmare!?!?
  14. What operating system are you running & how much ram do you have. "Background" processes do not normally eat cpu cycles. It's the amount of ram they use that hurts you the most unless you're running 2gb. NIS has been known for a long time as a resource hog. It's also very hard to uninstall it without cleaning your registry of all the Norton entries. 99% of the viruses are on your machine are because of something that the user does!!! If you openly surf sites without any protection,you're gonna get caught sooner or later. At least get a "free" anti-virus. if you are running WinXP,enable the built-in does work. Another good M$ program,is Defender....but be aware that you can NOT turn that off from "task manager". I run behind a router,use Norton AV,Windows XP firewall,M$ Defneder,SpywareGuard & SpywareBlaster. I can't remember the last time i had a "virus"!! About once a month i do a scan with AdAware & Spybot Search & Destroy & they never find anything other than a couple "cookies". But.....i never open a download before it's scanned!! I never do warez sites nor do i use peer to peer sharing aps.
  15. Yesterday [9/21/07] i played for hours without a single CTHL,CTD,nothing at all....................haven't touched a thing on my computor prior to this so i have no clue at all why my CTHL hell just went away...............go figure!!