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  1. I have been a cranky lad for the past couple years as no matter how well I out fly guys ( Im an air player) I am not getting the registered hits ( and therefore kills) I should have been getting. I thought it was the game and was frustrated with CRS. Eventually unsubbed last week and went f2p, (yuck, I know) But I made a discovery yesterday... I moved 2 years ago, but had the same wifi equipment, a fancy and expensive ASUS wifi card that was great in the old place, and at least seemed to do great at the new house, but with this game only, I was always having the problem of my guns not working right 75% of the time. Turns out the new house is old, like 150 years old and doesnt have the same type of construction as a modern house and my wifi signal was getting robbed just enough to where it seemed fine but it wasn't. Finally i had enough and went nutty trying to figure out the issue, after having CRS check my account and all sortsa crazy stuff, I ditched the wifi card, as nice as it was and moved my rig across the house to be hardwired into the modem with a cat 7 cable. BINGO. HOLY F, glaring huge night and day difference instantly. I am hard headed for not thinking of this sooner of course, but that being said, Now I am getting all my rounds registered and having much better performance in game,, sigh of relief. Even on the ground, which I hardly ever play because its always like shoot a guy 5 times he doesnt die and I'm frustrated again. Well now ground game is fun and works perfectly. So, this might not help most of you, but If any of you live in an older house or have unique building materials when you have your rig it is something I hope can help at least someone. The game is brand new to me again after years of being angry all the time. Resubbed and ready to rock again. Thank Goodness. Moral of the story, It ain't always the Rats fault no matter how hard you think it might be.
  2. 2004, First squad was JG2 back in the highlight of the air days.
  3. Yo, found it
  4. Air needs many more tier zero aircraft capacity. Dont waste time thinking about it, its true. LW only has one tier 0 and 1 CAS aircraft in the stuka, and the new players are spending them with a quickness. Need more capacity so us vets can actually have a chance to use them OHM.
  5. Darn squishies. Le sigh.... you speak truth sir.
  6. This early map crap with the hardwired to win at all costs as fast as possible HC at the wheel is less than ideal. We are on a never ending hamster wheel people. We've all gone through the map dance what seems like a thousand times. And then we do it all again.... Its Ok to let the game play out and maybe take up HC duties for the benefit of fun for the players not a pp measuring contest for the map movers. You are Orchestrators of fun for the masses HC. Sometimes winning as fast as possible at all costs is not going to give the virtual soldiers fighting for you the best game experience. If you see a great potential fight brewing that has a possibility of having good combined arms play maybe don't take the cheap shot chop block against the other side to secure your map moving boner. Do something to make fights like that thrive instead. P.S. No, I'm not joining HC again. I get harassed enough as it is. lol
  7. Agree , Let the F2p at least get bare bones planes. We lost a couple squad members over this nonsense. Not everyone gives a crap about playing army.
  8. Just eatin my popcorn. Yeah Jets, how does that help us? CRS is banking on the ground game, the air game as we know it is toast.
  9. That is promising, but what about the physics? WW2OL is a great flight sim for the most part as it is flight model wise,( if they stabilize the damage issues, but thats neither here nor there. ) I contend that the rats believe they will make more money gambling it all on the ground game and making what is left of the ground game flight sim fan cryptonite.
  10. Yeah, I'm sure that will go well for an extended period of time. Also, are there any flight games that use unreal if we go that route? Or are we heading to infantry only and mouse flying land.
  11. great, so you guys have room to monitor help channel and axis does not....
  12. We need another chat channel. Axis uses all 6, Mission, Target, Side, Squad, 20 for Air and 10 for army. And so Axis players cannot monitor the help channel to help new players. Is this not a good idea? What say you? We need another chat channel. Allieds only use 5 as they dont seem to have a dedicated army channel, so they have the last slot open to monitor the help channel.
  13. Have reinstalled 3 times, and each time I get about 10 minutes into a mission and my whole machine locks up. ctrl alt del does nothing, total lock up . No other program on my machine does this. It is just since yesterdays patch. [censored]
  14. Push too hard and yer gonna get eaten alive, Is my fear.
  15. It's a steep learning curve and like someone else said, many guys here have been flying in this game a long long time. Some things that will increase your chances are to find a squad and or fly with others. 4wing is the main Allied Air Squad, ( Wasps are the coolest, hehe) Ask questions when you see a guy with high rank in your mission, most love to help newer virtual pilots. GET TEAMSPEAK and get on voice comms with the other flyers, again, 4wing is your best bet for allied airplane Q n A and finding more than a couple guys to fly with and ask things. Getting points is the main goal at first of course to get rank and get better planes as the tiers progress, and there are quite a few ways to get those points in the airforce. the 4wing guys could tell you what those are. But aside from being focused on getting points and therefore air to air kills,, Focus and learn how to survive before you worry about focusing on killing. Watch what the vets do. Fly near them, keep them in sight and communicate with them. Track IR can be beneficial as well to help situational awareness, and it adds to the immersion and fun factor. Lastly, if ya really wanna dig deep into the phenomenon that is virtual air combat read "In Pursuit" It is 174 pages of wisdom and trial and error and psychology anf basic flight maneuvers and fundamentals of what to think about and how to get the most out of being a virtual pilot in WW2 Online. Here is a link to the pdf...> In Pursuit Learn from each death, and if your old enough, Beer makes it fun to. lol Good Hunting.