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  1. This thread is alive!!!
  2. Mine recognises it as a 2nd joystick - so i had to change all my mapping to make it 2 instead of 1
  3. I didnt know about Minsk world and Orient Green http://www.whatsonshenzhen.com/guide-25-shenzhen-minsk-world-china-s-1st-military-themed-park.html http://www.panoramio.com/photo/6093975 (Mock up of a Nimitz class)
  4. Nothing like thinking you are making a clean getaway in your speedboat when 3 Flankers turn up...
  5. India are still in the market for buying older carriers - they dont quite trust their native capacity to build one yet. China fooled no-one when they bought the hulk - but i think fears will rise when it first deploys aircraft operationally... will be interesting to see if they have a fighter variant already lined up.
  6. Just started getting CTDs after about 30 mins-1 hour of play Worked fine previously
  7. I guess they are putting a lot of faith in our over the horizon radar to maximise the airtime we have. But yes, i do mourn our loss of pre-emptive strike capability... ...Unless we have airbases in East Timor...
  8. Sadly i wont be able to make it due to RL commitments ordered by the RL CinC! Please give my H75 to one of the Alts - Best of luck and have fun all
  9. I'd like to be an allied fighter pls
  10. They may not have taken the tank - but i'm sure the technology found a home in their 'native' systems