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  1. Once a pone a time I could put the mouse arrow over a person on the map and it would show me the name of that person. OR, I could place it on a ET symbol and it would tell me who placed it. This has stopped working and I can not find the switch to turn it back on .
  2. For some reason the ability to see the players name ...even my own squad..have stopped. I move the mouse over the mark and it now does nothing. I have gone through the preferences a couple of times and can't seem to find one that would change the setting ????? Help! LOL!
  3. I was stupid enough to purchase COD from Steam. Two for each Grandson. Guess who can't play AT THE SAME TIME ???? AssHats link the account to the EMAIL of the PAYER, not the GAME USER NAME! So Liam logs in a starts to play...Caden logs in and Liam is booted! You would think that a call to there tech support would have solved that problem.....NOT! Pretty much ...Too Bad If this game changes it's login for my two accounts and I can't log both you can kiss my butt goodbye.
  4. LOL!!!!! What I liked best was the remark about a larger player base...
  5. I have a ticket open with the support team... I have adjusted the rate and the size to the same as the Samsung monitor 1600 x 1200 ( or 104.. the closest I can get) 60 Mhz and it still just blinks once and vanishes. ' They are looking at the log and wwiiol.txt files I snet in the see if they can identify the issue. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the tip. Going back to the Samsung monitor causes the games to return to working order.. So I agree it's either thr frame rate....adjusting that with the card has done nothing to help far. OR, it's the aspect ratio/ Samsung is a square, ASUS is a letter box. I do have a ticket open with the RATS.. we'll see what happens. Thanks again/
  7. GeForce 960, 8 gb ram, win 7
  8. Just got this lovely box, but after the logon, and Start... I get a blip in the top left and that's the end of the road. Tried other settings other that the 1900 at 140hz (aprox) but same thing. Any ideas? Thanks
  9. Thanks to JAMESI ! looks good!
  10. No connection since Sunday! ?????
  11. Only a few people on I'll check back tomorrow, Thanks!
  12. I have never had an ATI card that was worth using. I have given away three.! They remind me of MAC ... lots of people talk them up.. But PERFORMANCE is never there. As always .. IMHO. ( working fine on machines I built three years ago.. eco issues will be delaying any upgrade.)
  13. Where, if any , are the "issues" listed? Mine just logs in and drops connection ... no error... just goes to black and is gone.
  14. Strange no answers!