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  1. Removed all ATI drivers from system including SB750 Catalyst drivers. I then reinstalled just the CAT 9.7 drivers for the 4850 video card. Have played for the last 2-3 hrs w/o and issue. My Gigabyte MB has an embedded ATI 3300 video card in it; that is what the SB drivers are for. I'm not using the embedded ATI 3300 so I don't need the drivers. Will try this for a few weeks and then for kicks install some SB drivers to see if something happens.
  2. Well I uninstalled all ATI drivers for both the video card and South bridge on my Gigabyte SB750 MB. I then reinstalled JUST the CAT 9.7's and I did not install the CAT 9.7 SB750 drivers. The South bridge drivers are for the ATI 3300 on board video card I have on my MB. I have been playing for the last 2-3 hrs; no problems as of yet. I'll try this for a week or two and then install the CAT 9.7 SB750 drivers; see what happens.
  3. Juts re-subbed; have constant "out of memory errors". WinXP SP3 4 GB RAM Gigabyte MB w 7750BE ATI 4850 with CAT 9.9; going to try 9.7. Won't resub for long if this keeps up.
  4. Just re-subbed in anticipation of 1.31. After installing 1.30, couldn't get through game w/o a "out of memory error". Oh well, good time to re-install OS, drivers etc. Did it all; updated drivers for everything, still get out of memory errors. Set-up WinXP SP3 7750 BE 4 GB RAM 4850 w CAT 9.9 Thank god I only subscribed for a month; canceled my "recurring" subscription so RATS have until end of Oct to sort out with or w/o 1.31. Until then back to EVE and something like Fighter Ace I guess.
  5. Thanks gnasche..... reset password.. (encouraging as it sent me a new one but it took ~20 minutes to get it) Re-logged on....new update downloaded (encouraging as it updated so it recognized account)..thanks update completed...reboot....restarted logon to play....initiallized.... 33% way through......... CTD...arhmmmm.... I'm too old for this @#$* after 4 years ..same computer for last 18 months; worked fine. I'll see if I can waste my Friday night sorting out account/logon problems (and to think I'm paying for this.....) maybe it is a video driver now with the new water or something....
  6. This has been identifed previosuly by several of us; Visual C++ Library debug assertion errors. I have sent everything I have to customer support and the "logs" e-mail address suggested to me. Haven't heard a thing back from anybody from CRS. Paying right now and I can play after playing for 4 years without a problem. I'm pissed.... http://discussions.playnet.com/showthread.php?t=52365
  7. OK, started googling Visual C++ Assertion errors. Ended up at MS obvilsuy this whta I found: QUOTE: An assertion statement specifies a condition that you expect to hold true at some particular point in your program. If that condition does not hold true, the assertion fails, execution of your program is interrupted, and the Assertion Failed dialog box appears. From my posted pic of the assertion failed Dialog box, the guilty program is WW2.exe!!! Continuing on, MS goes on to say: QUOTE: When the debugger halts because of an MFC or C run-time library assertion, it navigates to the point in the source file where the assertion occurred (if the source is available). The assertion message appears in the Output window as well as the Assertion Failed dialog box. You can copy the assertion message from the Output window to a text window if you want to save it for future reference. The Output window may contain other error messages as well. Examine these messages carefully, because they provide clues to the cause of the assertion failure. Again looking at my posted pic, the file line and expression are all identifed. Comments CRS? CAn I send you soemthing to help you help me and Tiger16?
  8. Posted logs, sent logs (CRS support) and with 1.96 out did a complete reinstall of WinXP but this time rolled all drivers back to a config I had previsouly 3 months ago. Insatlled an launched WWII Online: BE and this is what I got after flying for 3 minutes: Can somebody explain whta might be casuing the program (BE) to cause assertion failures? All my troubles have something to do with the MS Visual C++ Debug Library....which is? Can I update, remove and install such a thing?
  9. Ran memtest for 6 hours; nothing. Guess I could run it longer, like 24. I agree it looks like a memory problem but.......I'm not convinced.
  10. And here is my errror log file from my latest CTD 3 minutes ago: File version: 1, 19, 6, 255 Program compile time: Sep 15 2005 10:32:06 Date and time: 9/15/2005 18:58:29 Exception code: 0xc0000005 Exception: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION Exception: continuable Exception address: 0x00504f01 Exception tried to: write at address 0xdea0bcc2 Exception Registers: DS: 0x00000023, ES: 0x00000023, FS: 0x0000003b, GS: 0x00000000 EBP: 0x00a2132c, ESP: 0x0012f16c, **: 0x00000023, EIP: 0x00504f01 ESI: 0x2ad7210c, EDI: 0x0012f188 EAX: 0x1c3e75e8, EBX: 0xbfa6b837, ECX: 0xdea0bcc2, EDX: 0xbfa6b837
  11. Wtf

    Submitted a problem ticket to player support. Will keep you posted.
  12. ftp://downloads.wwiionline.com/
  13. Uber, Medang and I are currently using Catalyst 5.9 drivers. What are you using? Since we have the same motherborads do you know what BIOS you are using? I'm using V2.0 (if you upgrade don't upgrade to V2.2 through MSI LiveUpdate or by DOS).
  14. Yeah I did that, reinstalled WinXP after i experinced a couple of CTD's the first time. I reinstalled everythinga nd upodated all drivers and BIOS; still CTD's. There is anotehr thread; so far 3 of us with MSI MB and RADEON video cards have CTD's we can'r get rid of...... Frustrating as h**l I tell ya. More so when your paying money and can't paly....
  15. Hey Medang, Just read this post after posting one similar. Our systems are very similar. I have a MSI 6702 and 9800 PRO. Did you recently update your BIOS through MSI LiveUpdate?. Just curious as I did as well as several other drivers before reinstalling WWII Online. Never had a problem before. I don't think it is a connection problem either. Definitely Video Card or MB in my mind. Any other MSI MB/RADEON users out there experiencing CTD's?