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  1. I have played since the beginning, and I have tried all the various versions of the game since. Each one more disappointing than the one before (to me, and to almost everyone that started this journey with me.) We won't play again with HC placed AO's and warping Bdg's into attrited towns. It was a niche game. Sure it took an hour to set up an attack and move all the pieces around, but way more people who love that have quit then are playing now. So with the game slowing bleeding out, why not pick a date/map, put the word out and set it up as it was. An open world, squad driven game when any town linked to an enemy town was fair game. And each town had it's own finite supply. Resupply at your own peril, for if you fail you will have a breech in your lines. Make it the wild west again. All the players who never experienced will be lost have to learn maneuver warfare. when to try to resupply, how to cut resupply, etc... Fighter sweeps hunting the enemy before they could set up and move in. And I do mean hunting. With no AO's forced, that massing force could be anywhere. The game should be the niche war sim it was meant to be, and not some weak attempt to be a hybrid fast action shooter. You're stuck in between two worlds where very few players live. Be bold, take a shot. Go back in time with what you have now and do it right, the way it was originally envisioned. What do you have to lose? So I say again...why not?
  2. I started playing at launch and stayed subbed for years. I left shortly after the HC disaster but have played through every version of the game since. The game needs to acknowledge it is a niche game and return to it's roots. Town supply. This hybrid system planned seems to fall short, but I will reserved judgement until I play it a while...if it every gets here.
  3. Seems like the old days are dead and gone. The changes are never enough and way too slow in coming. Call me CE.
  4. LOL It was literally a 30s hop to Breskens for the fighting. I'll keep working him.
  5. My buddy just flew about 6-7 missions at Knoke. (my account so he had a Spit9) I took off in the plane so he wouldn't crash. It looked like he did well at first and hit a few planes hard. He got no A2A kills though. Twice he lost a prop to, what appeared to be very little fire. He rtb'ed a couple of times and successfully landed with gear up. lol Once when he was shot up I bailed him out. (which was funny) He didn't like riding the chute down and wanted an option to hit esc. I though he should have gotten credit for 2 kills in the air. He did kill a boat though. He never got Alt or maintained E. Just flew straight in to the fray. His thoughts were focused solely on shooting up EA and just getting smoke on them. A deal breaker. He had no interest in INF play. Wouldn't even try it. I tried. I fear many folks aren't giving the game enough time and playing for instant action. I explained the learning curve was steep, but he doesn't want to put in the time to catch up. That's on him, but it says a lot.
  6. The new guys will be pissed when that bug gets squashed. lol
  7. I think AO's should be reduced to 3 max temporarily. The amount of new players asked to bounce around in rapid AO and DO swaps are being hindered in getting into action. So many times by the time they navigate to a battle, the camp is on or the defense is set by the Vets. 3 AO's and the 3 DO's would concentrate the player base somewhat, and allow new players to be able to "get there" while things are winding up and not after they are out of hand. When a side drops a large amount of paras on an AO with only 30 seconds of ews, you have only Vets that can get there in time to secure a spawnable, set defense, etc... Add changing persona to the proper Navy persona and it's even more difficult. If the lower number of Vets has to do it all, for the time being, it makes poor battles and frustrates everyone.
  8. But if you look at Steamspy, the average mean time of a player staying in game is 40min.
  9. I took a Spit 9 out of Wiltz. It was a 51 minute round trip with not much chance to loiter over the Alps. I nursed my RPMSs and Boost to land back at Wiltz with 2 gallons of fuel. The highest peak found was 14,000+ ft high. Cloud layers were at 13.000+ ft. It fun experience that you should try to just say you did it. It was been 9 years since I made that trip and it was a fun adventure.
  10. Is there an ETA? Ballpark it. 1 hour? 4 hours?
  11. Xoom said last night in Chat that Steam release announcement was today. Stilllllllll waiting.
  12. I don't think it is going. I hope so, But nothing in the history of this game, along side the decisions made lately, lead me to believe we will ever see Town supply. (Which is the sole reason I returned 2 months ago)
  13. there where lots of people fighting and dying right up to the second at time of crash.
  14. And now chat is broken
  15. 6 guys in last CP to cap Eupen and the server goes down. GJ