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  1. Appreciate the advice guys. Ahwulf - thanks, at least I know I've got the right client! I did wonder for a while. Abidubi. No sounds, nothing. It's dead. I've tried cmd-tab dozens of times and yep, I release both keys still nothing. I stay with the game screen visible and my Mac cursor movable but nothing 'clickable' - literally nothing works. Eventually I'll start getting OS alert sounds when I hit cmd-tab but still nothing. Also tried the force-quit then enter as I know the game could be locked and refusing to let me see the force-quit dialog. I'm well aware it takes a lot to totally kill an OS X machine! But again, nothing. Only way out I've had is to force reboot. And I really hate doing that so I simply don't try to get back to the desktop now. I'd like a reliable cmd-tab, but it's not essential. What I think is, though, is an end to CTDs! Good luck on sorting it - I may well try the Beta, we'll see. Greg PS Happy Christmas all!
  2. Back after 6 months out, have to say the latest game version is a big improvement over the one I left on. Well done CRS folks! However, 2 problems. CTDs (three tonight, no obvious commonality) with no crash reports offered. Just one second in game, next at the desktop. Bang. And cmd-tab or whatever never works no matter what screen I'm on. Doesn't go to the desktop, just locks the game totally. Can't even force-quit. Sadly I have to force shut down which is bad news. MacBook Pro 2ghz dual core. 2gb ram. OS 10.4.11. Video ATI Radeon X1600 128mb. I debated running this in PC land using Bootcamp, but since I prefer the Mac side (and have more HD space free in that partition) decided to go Mac. Did I get the right client? Is there a specific Universal Binary download or is this a Rosetta program? Good luck all!
  3. Dual 2ghz G5 3gb ram ATI X800XT 4mb cable 1.26 has added more problems than it removed. FPS is still poor (but in fairness bearable) but it was better way back in 1.24 (I'll not even talk about the mess 1.25 was when released). I get the map problem, but it's erratic. Last night I logged in and the map worked (I could change from city to any other view magnification) before I spawned in but couldn't afterwards. But after spawning in the map failed to work at all. I spawned out, it still didn't work. Out of curiousity I then tried to hop out of game to the desktop (to see if that bug was fixed) and it worked - I thought. Till I saw the game had crashed completely, just bang and gone, not even a system warning. So I went back in game (still an horrendously long load time compared to other MMOGs) and the map worked. For a while. Spawned in the first time, map worked fine. Second time it didn't, nor third. Fourth it did. Basically it's hit and miss and therefore unreliable. Whilst like I said the FPS is still poor but bearable it seems a lof of animation 'finesse' has gone. I used to see other characters at least making an attempt at animated movement when nearby however when I was guarding a CP I saw nearby characters moving around in a fixed crouch. I've seen movement glitches before, but this is new - seeing them locked in one position for a good few minutes. It's just shoddy and continued everywhere, sorry. And I'm a little peeved with the unintelligent updater. I downloaded the patch and it auto ran as usual asking to install the game in applications. Fair enough, but I keep WWII online in applications/games/. Still, I figured the installer would find it, other program installers do. Nope, it didn't and instead of just saying 'can't find ...' it crashed. So I ran it again and pointed it to apps/games which sorted it but still it can't say 'update' instead of 'install' in the main 'go' button. All other installers/updaters I use toggle that button to indicate what's happening. Now I'm intelligent (I hope) and know, from previous experience, what the WWII installer is up to but it really should be clearer for those that don't. It appears like it's installing a whole fresh new program. Anyway, enough ranting. This is a great game, unique and fun, but I can't pay for it any more and have cancelled my subscription. I'll probably be back sometime, but hopefully then I'll have a shiny new Mac Pro and can play this in PC mode via Bootcamp as, frankly, the Mac version is lousy. Talking with my PC using buddies and they're getting 4 times better FPS (at least) on kit that my Mac Pro would match plus all the bonuses of things like tabbing to the desktop working. Good luck and good hunting all, I'm done for now.
  4. Yeah, got that Ahwulf. As I posted in the FPS thread I think there may be an issue between the game and one of the few haxies I use. I'm going to test this by disabling them when I have time.
  5. Same system Abidubi, but nope, it's frozen solid. No noise, no mouse, nothing. Locks solid. LIke I said, can't even force-quit. cmd-f just does nothing, the game continues as normal. I think there might be a system haxie or something causing this. When I get a sec I'm going to disable the few I use (fruitmenu, pulltab, and a couple of other little ones) and see if it fixes it. It's my feeling, given you (and others) have the same set up and cmd-tab works, that the problem must be in my system and not the game.
  6. Thanks, but sadly I've tried and it doesn't work. Yep, menu screen, yep hit cmd-tab multiple times. Nope, never goes to my desktop. And yep, can't force-quit either. Just completely and utterly dead.
  7. cmd-tab just doesn't work at all for me. It locks the game up so bad it won't even force-quit. Worked fine pre 1.25, hasn't worked since.
  8. Dual 2.0 G5, 3GB ram, X800, 10.4.8 Flying: don't fly much, FPS drops too low to make it viable FB: 15-25 FPS In town battle: 5-15 FPS Have to say my FPS was significantly better before 1.25.x with much higher settings in the game controls. I saw easily double all the above. Since 1.25.x I've had to drop all game settings to almost minimum and yet still I get worse performance than previously. Furthermore I can't tab out of the game, it'll lock up completely, even refusing to force-quit. Nor can I run in windowed mode. I have an Intel Mac Book Pro and am tempted to try the game in PC mode on that, though I'm not convinced the X1600 with 128mb that's built in will show significant improvement. Might try it just for the hell though.
  9. It's funny, but I've been, lately, quite quick to criticise CRS for this game and the state it's in on a Mac but reading this made me think and I can't help but reply, with what I think is a player's perspective though rather than a technical one. For my experience the rendering isn't bad, except at the moment the funky German rifle, but as Ahwulf explained that's being fixed. The game, for me, never crashes unless I cmd-tab, so I don't - don't really need to anyway. In fact PC Squad mates of mine are getting CTHL and CTD (Connection To Host Lost & Crash To Desktop) on a regular basis, every session, and I haven't had one of either for months. Seems in some respects the Mac version is more stable. Yes, there are performance issues, and yes there are games with far advanced graphics than this one. But that, for me, is not what WWII Online is about. The slightly out-of-date graphics make no odds to an online game that has far and away the best gameplay of any I've tried - and that includes PC games as I have an Intel Mac Book Pro and use Bootcamp forever seeking my 'perfect' game. The advantages of WWII over other games, for me at least, are the lack of 'L33T' kiddies, the lack of level grinding (sure there is advancement, but it's not the same as the constant levelling treadmill of most MMOGs) and the lack of desire to get the best gear. There's no need for the latter - you don't 'have' gear in this anyway. This is the only, the absolute only, game a very random, very occasional gamer such as myself can come in to when time permits and play on a similar level to others who might be here nearly 24/7. It's unique. So I'd say testing it over 4 months on different Macs is no way to base a review. You need to settle on one Mac that runs it adequately enough to enjoy, get in to a Squad, go on missions with your squaddies, experience the heart-pounding moments when you're capping a heavily contended CP desperately hoping no EI is going to come through the door to kill you or driving a tank, or flying. Or whatever. But you need to spend time - there's no way, I believe, you could write a reasonable review without it. If you dip in to this game, testing it on different machines as you say, probably trying out, briefly, a lot of the available kit you are, obviously I think, going to come back with negative reviews. But if you stick at one or two things, get in with other players and truly experience the game you'll see it differently. Answer me this - what other game can get your heart racing because you know, at any second, one well aimed bullet could end you? You're getting closer and closer to that FB planning to place all your satchel charges to help take it down - you've crept past guards, tanks, atgs and aa guns and are within spitting distance of the vehicle spawn waiting for that perfect moment when you can run out, place the charges, and get away all the time knowing some keen eyed EI could spot you and end you, with one shot. That, mate, gets the adrenaline flowing and this game is the only one to do that for me. Oh yeah, and the gaming commmunity is superb - like I said, very few if any, kiddies here, just a lot of helpful and interested people (with a few idiots thrown in for balance). Try asking for help in game - you'll get it. Try that in a lot of others and you'll get ripped off as a noob.
  10. Haven't had a chance to try it, Abidubi, as yet. I rely on the PullTab haxie to make this machine work the way I need for business. Keep forgetting to remove it before I fire up the game! BTW I also have 3gb ram. 1.24 and switching worked fine. Not to worry - in all honesty this is much less of a problem to me than the FPS thing which hit us from 1.25 to 1.25.4. That gone, I'm a tad happier.
  11. Only tried this from the map screen as recommended on a G5 dual 2ghz running 10.4.8 - app switching or trying to go windowed fails every time locking the game up so badly I can't even force quit. For me it's totally knackered! However I wonder if a wee haxie I'm using could be the reason? I have PullTab installed so I get back the cmd-tab keystroke to switch tools in apps like Quark and Photoshop. Probably worth turning it off as an experiment though it never affected previous WWII versions in which I could always go the desktop and back again.
  12. Machine Name: Power Mac G5 Machine Model: PowerMac7,3 CPU Type: PowerPC G5 (2.2) Number Of CPUs: 2 CPU Speed: 2 GHz L2 Cache (per CPU): 512 KB Memory: 3 GB ATI Radeon X800 XT: Chipset Model: ATY,R420 Type: Display Bus: AGP Slot: SLOT-1 VRAM (Total): 256 MB Vendor: ATI (0x1002) Device ID: 0x4a48 Revision ID: 0x0000 ROM Revision: 113-A35801-109 Still getting funky weapons graphics - German rifle is wildly multi-coloured and bitmapped. cmd-tab or any other combination just locks up the game so badly I can't even force quit. 1.25.5 is a slight improvement over 1.25.4 in that centre on me now works and the FPS low spike isn't as low. But 1.24 was way, way better. Faster, more stable. Hey ho.
  13. Stigman have you got netcode2 on? Last night my netcode2 sort of stopped and I was reverted to 'normal' connection which resulted in a small lift in FPS. I went from 10-20, 25 at best dropping to 5 at worst to 20-30 with a peak of nearly 40 and a dip no worse than 10. Better. That was driving tanks too. I'm using a dual 2ghz G5, 3gb ram, ATI X800XT.
  14. About my second or third sortie this evening I got a system message about netcode2 not being loaded or something and that the system was switching to standard. Something like that. Anyway, no problem, I figured. Then I noticed an odd thing. My FPS of 10-20 maximum since 1.25 (was 40+ in 1.24) suddenly has become an FPS of 20-30 and sometimes 30-40. So netcode2 off it is. Still not chuffed that 1.25 is worse in performance terms than 1.24 - an update should improve matters, not worsen them. I've dropped all settings to low just to get close to the FPS I had in 1.24 with most settings there at medium, some high.
  15. Yep, I get that too, tiborg. Didn't post it as a bug as in comparison to the others it doesn't really bother me. However I'm willing to confirm your findings! Best of luck!