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  1. Woaaa! This is wild
  2. You wana join the 23rd then! I run the 41st Airwing, and you sir are very welcome to fly with real men (not those BTZ girlies)
  3. i killed 2 tigers so they took it back down.
  4. Join the 23rd's 41st airwing you sluts!! 8mh9SP8wpr8
  5. Yaa but i got him a few times too Then we killed eachother in the bunker
  6. im no expert, but didnt they just loooooooooose
  7. I thought youd never ask <3 Bump again! wooo!
  8. Probably the best allied squad ever.. Bump for you fine fools
  9. in over 10 years it has never happened to moi.. Patch comes out and kaboom! Turn out its not just me. I did not mention it was after RTB'ing at a different AF (not origin).
  10. 2 sorties in a row my game will freeze up as soon as i despawn. FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK
  11. Island people are weird