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  1. I have been with the 91st for months. When I loaded the game succesfully after deleting my docs folder it was no longer in the squad and all the noobie pop up tip boxes reappeared.
  2. Ok I deleted my doc folder, It worked. Thanks. However, I think it also removed me from my squad !
  3. I'll try those tonight, when you say settings program, you mean the WW2OL settings program correct?
  4. I started a ticket Saturday but have had only 1 contact so far on my ticket. I just updated my Nvidia drivers to the most recent. I have done multiple reinstalls and restarting. I have been installing the directx components of the install too. When I enter my password in on the launcher, the window closes and nothing happens. Im running Windows 10. Everything was fine until I changed my resoultion in the game preferences screen, quit the game, and ever since it has not worked. I don't get it. I've been with this game since it started in June 01'. I have never had a issue like this before. I am patient with support but since I am paying I would like to resolve this ASAP. Thanks.
  5. I noticed I'm always being laser wiped by elite snipers. I ordered a new mouse with three DPI modes up to 3500 DPI. I still noticed at range though that I just can't quite always zero in on the exact spot without the mouse 'jumping' just over where I want my aim. What mouse do you guys use when going infantry? What DPI level do you play at? I thought 3500 would cut it but I still am not getting the precision I want.
  6. think i figured it out, i had to clear my default keymapper as that is what i had it set to before, those two keys. now that i cleared it, saved the code to the cfml it now works great. THANKS AGAIN!
  7. awesome nozlen. i finally had some time to play now. so i got the code inserted. however, i am having trouble as i would like to map it to my 'insert' and 'delete' keys for control. when i typed 'insert' and 'delete' i couldn't get it to work. what are the insert and delete keys called in the code?
  8. Had to post this. Created Vladimir circa long time ago'! Does Bushman still play - he used to do alot of vids too.
  9. nozlen this is really good stuff. I watched the first vid. do you cover how you actually go about setting things for incremental flaps? where do you do this if not in the keymapper?
  10. Chat Conversation Start 10:57AM Suggestion: After resubbing after not really playing since around 2007 or so, can you guys add topographical maps to the UI. Would be great to see terrain layouts from a 3d perspective akin to Google Earth etc.. Thanks. Keep up the awesome work.