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  1. I noticed I'm always being laser wiped by elite snipers. I ordered a new mouse with three DPI modes up to 3500 DPI. I still noticed at range though that I just can't quite always zero in on the exact spot without the mouse 'jumping' just over where I want my aim. What mouse do you guys use when going infantry? What DPI level do you play at? I thought 3500 would cut it but I still am not getting the precision I want.
  2. think i figured it out, i had to clear my default keymapper as that is what i had it set to before, those two keys. now that i cleared it, saved the code to the cfml it now works great. THANKS AGAIN!
  3. awesome nozlen. i finally had some time to play now. so i got the code inserted. however, i am having trouble as i would like to map it to my 'insert' and 'delete' keys for control. when i typed 'insert' and 'delete' i couldn't get it to work. what are the insert and delete keys called in the code?
  4. Had to post this. Created Vladimir circa long time ago'! Does Bushman still play - he used to do alot of vids too.
  5. nozlen this is really good stuff. I watched the first vid. do you cover how you actually go about setting things for incremental flaps? where do you do this if not in the keymapper?