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  1. Married twice, Engaged 4 times. (Not counting proposals made while drunk : ) ) All bar one, were blonde at some stage heheh. Bump for the lean keen killing machine that is the Panzer Lehr.
  2. Big breasted blond bimbos may apply directly to me.
  3. Has anyone made one for weapons etc? I have the TS plugin.
  4. Fear not young X-FI padawan. You are not alone. They will no doubt want your config.sys file or something. I tried a series of drivers without success. I have learnt to live with it now. It is very annoying.
  5. Im in now. Had to keep repeatedly trying.
  6. Servers are up. I can hear people flying on TS. WTF is going on
  7. Mate you are worth your weight in bloody gold! Ill give everything you said a run and see how I go. Thanks Spoon, your bloods worth bottling
  8. G'day Spoon. Thanks for attempting to help. Toe Brakes are on YR and S1 axis. YR for "z" Key and S1 for "x" key I have the Simped F16C pedals that plug directly into the cougar so that the stick, throttle and pedals are all seen as Controller 1. I previously had USB CH Pro Pedals which were plugged into the computer. I uninstalled the CH control manager and rebooted before installing the Simpeds. As stated previously, the Axis is showing and registering as working in the Cougar Hotas Control panel. When I use the Foxy software however to program either toe brake for the profile I use, the toebrakes which do appear in the viewer, do not appear to activate in Foxy so that I can assign them. Foxys direct x 8 analyiser however does see them....weird. Hence I assign them to the z and x keys ingame only.
  9. The Toe brakes on mine dont appear to be functioning in game, tho the keymapper recognises them. Rest of the Cougar Hotas seems to be working fine including the rudders. Cant seem to get the foxy program to see them either when im making a profile, yet the Cougar Profiler does see them and they seem to be working fine. Any ideas?
  10. Vacancies to be filled. Join up today
  11. Send your email to and ill send you my files. Their set up on the default ingame keys for aircraft, tanks, boats etc. Infantry is mouse and keyboard and not in the profiles.
  12. Im getting the damn thing 2. New build, 2 times in game, 2 flights, each 4 hours apart. Both times Auto despawn inside 1 minute.
  13. Looking for more pilots.
  14. Up again. Thanks 3rd Panzer.
  15. so...Where did my post go?