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  1. Everyone owes me $10 now Thank you for the recognition!!
  2. You will need to upgrade in 3 months. ;-)
  3. I'm running Vista 64 and when I try to load TS it freezes my puter, anyone else have this problem?
  4. Just loaded SP1, Joystick now dead and my fps went into the crapper.
  5. do a search in the forum and it will give some helpful tips, I had a few hiccups in the beginning with vista. It does suck that this game doesn't support Vista yet but that will change soon, i hope.
  6. BTW....Patton has a nice big statue at West Point Military Academy. He faces his nemesis while he attended West Point......The Library. ( He graduated in the bottom 5% of his class)
  7. I'm still dead in the water. Tried the ipconfig flush as well as
  8. Anyone know how to get WWII to see my Saitek ?....Vista says it's there....WWII online doesn't see it. HELP!!
  9. I am having a new ctd I've never seen before. This started after the new patch. I get a lag spike, then the edges of my screen turn fuzy blue after I freeze. About 30 seconds go by then I get an auto respawn....BUT, I cant do anything at respawn ( no controll) ....then the screen slowly goes fuzzy and fades to a black frozen screen. Anyone else having this?
  10. Can you explain all that again so that a nitwit like me can do it??