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  1. When I first log in it crashes. Then when I log in the 2nd time it goes. Believe this started around Running windows 7. With clean install. tried it on another windows 7 computer I have and it does the same thing. SmilinAL
  2. I been doing some testing on my Windows 7 computer that is having this problem and this is what I found out. After starting the game and it fails to launch I open up Windows Task Manager and click on the Processes tab. On the list you will find an instance of WW2.exe *32 running, end the process. Restart the game, get it up and running, then open Windows Task Manager and find rundll32.exe *32 and stop the process. After doing this I did some extensive testing in game. I get better frame rates, no stuttering which I was experiencing again. It does seem that rundll32.exe *32 is not necessary for the game and actually runs better without it. I suggest you not do what I did unless you are computer savy.
  3. Yes, I have all the updates for Window 7
  4. Go here and read and follow the instructions to download and put in the sse2 instruction set .exe for ww2ol. I have a simular setup as yours and even though it does not give me more fps on the top end it does make the overall game much smoother and fps never drops to stutter level.
  5. All there is for MS SW FFB joysticks using Windows 2K and XP is the drivers that are in the operating systems. Also all ww2ol supports for the FFB joysticks is the return to center force if I am not mistaken that is what I read here on this forums.
  6. Reformat your hard is the only way to be sure.
  7. I am running a HP f2105 at 1680x1050 (its native resolution) From lots of testing I have found that it seems best (for me) to run the game at 1280x1024x32 in ww2ol game settings. Then I run my monitor at 1680x1050 and set the monitor to fill the screen. The screen is stretched horizontally a bit but at least you do not lose any of the picture top/bottom sides the way you do if you force the setting 1680x1050 in the config file of ww2ol. And I like the way stretching the picture helps me see things a long way off.
  8. I have always wondered about the lock to refresh setting and the fact that I am now running a 21 inch 16x9 wide screen LCD monitor at 1680x1050x 60hz does that affect my fps compared to when I used to run a monitor at 80hz refresh and locked the refresh which I have always done. Win XP sp2 all updates pent 3.0 dual core (with lots of fans) MB Abit IS7-E2/E2G/E2V rest cobbled together parts from computers past. by the way I get respectable stable frame rates in the 30s.