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  1. Been a long time since I have been able to get in game.. several months....You guys anywhere near letting us Mac users back in?
  2. I love the game and the community. Dropped out for a couple of years but as far as I am concerned I will continue to sub until I either can't or I don't need to anymore. The team and the community are working together to make this thing work and, for the record, you have my 100% support.
  3. Working fine for me
  4. What year did you start playing? 2005 When was the last time you played? 2010 What squad were you in? BKB (allied) and Windhund (axis) also lone wolf for a while What side did you primarily play on? Mostly allied..... Was involved with AHC with Badger for a while too.... Great guy. Just re-subbed.. Excited to be back... Trying on a Mac this time.